2013 the Year of the Butt


2013 ended as the year of the butt, and 2014 continues the trend with the celebrity belfie. Belfie is a terminology used to describe a self-portrait of person buttocks. According to CNN, the mainstream medias obsession with the posterior, led to a 58 percent spike in buttocks enhancement surgeries.

In a surprising turn, volume is now appreciated in Hollywood. The 1980s, was the era of aerobics and tight warmers where athleticism was celebrated and toned fit celebrities where the norm. The 1990s began with the popularity of supermodels, women like Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, and Naomi Campbell. They exemplified health and fitness and promoted beauty on all levels, that is until Calvin Klein introduced Kate Moss. The remainder of the 90’s took a shift into extreme thinness. Celebrities like Calista Flockhart, and Gwyneth Paltrow followed the trend. Hollywood was then about celebrities lying about the work they put into their thinness, the hours at the gym, and restrictive caloric intake. The beginning in the 2000’s shifted with the introduction of Jennifer Lopez; she has been attributed as the first celebrity since Marilyn Monroe to proudly show curves. Jennifer Lopez is no longer the only celebrity that is proud her derrière. There is a new era of curvaceous women, an army of them led by Beyoncé, singer who coined the term “bootylicious.” Shakira is another singer that proudly shows off her curves and the Colombian singers hips don’t lie. Rihanna is another singer that takes any opportunity to post photos showing her curves. In Television Sofia Vergara of Modern family leads the way, along with Kaley Cuoco of Big Bang Theory, and Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks. Film’s most popular and voluptuous women are Salma Hayek, Halle Berry, Drew Barrymore, and Kate Winslet. These women have let the way to the year of the butt.

The new wave of perfection includes Jen Selter, an overnight sensation who begun by posting belfies on Instagram. Selter has one of the most desired and recognized derrières. Rihanna is only one of her over 2 million followers on Instagram; her claim to fame is her perfectly toned derrière. She is a 20-year-old fitness fanatic who decided to change her genetics and work on building a large toned derrière. She has become an inspiration to many, and due to her following she is being reached out by companies willing to pay thousands in order for her to endorse their products. Her derrière is the most mentioned in plastic surgery clinics. The popularity of celebrities with perfect butts, and the belfie trend has created a spike in butt enhancement and implant surgeries. According to Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn, the most common procedure is the Brazilian butt lift. It is a procedure in which fat is taken from different parts of the thighs and hips and then re-injected it into the buttocks. A less common procedure involves inserting silicone implants, but this method has become less popular given amount of internet stories describing butt implants gone wrong.

2013 may have ended as the year of the butt, but this year is sure to be the year of the belfies. The trend seems to be picking up steam as more celebrities are joining in on the belfie fun.

Opinion By Dony Lugo



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