54-Year-Old Woman Tries Out as Cheeleader

54-year-old Woman Tries Out as Cheeleader

A 54-year-old woman will try out for the Cincinnati Bengals cheer-leading squad, in May of this year. She will be competing with women who are half as old as she is, and does not appear to be phased. While other women of her age may begin to set their sights on other things, such as preparing for retirement, Brenda Gold sets her sight on becoming a cheerleader.

Her son Matt, a software engineer  in Indiana is not surprised. He recently told USA Today that his mom , Brenda, has always believed in thinking big, and has a take-charge personality. He believes that she  probably saw the cheerleaders, while watching a Bengals game and believed that she could  perform in the same manner. He adds that she may really be able to be a cheerleader despite her age.

The 54-year-old woman, Brenda Gold,  was involved with sports by playing volleyball, when she attended the University of Kentucky,  was  recently involved in a makeover contest on the TV show Live With Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. She was actively involved in three sports  in high school, and played volleyball at the University of Kentucky.  She was also involved in dance throughout her life, and started cheer-leading in the sixth grade, so it does not appear to be a big stretch,  even at her age.

54-year-old Brenda has already began preparation in earnest, by signing up for 10 practice dance sessions that begin on March 4. She has very little concerns about athletic ability or stamina, and remains in what is considered to be great shape, She intends to attend workshops with the squad, which is part of the requirement for auditioning.

Michael Strahan, host of the morning TV show, praised the spirit of the 54-year-old woman from Cincinnati , who  became one of three finalists in the the makeover contest that was designed to transform  the appearance of people,  preparing for a special event. The winning prize for the contest includes trips to the Academy Awards in Los Angeles and tickets After Awards celebrations.

On  the Cincinnati Bengals website, some of the  requirements state that cheerleader must be at least 21 years of age, and  must demonstrate reasonable dancing ability with the ability to learn, and must have a healthy attitude, and to be able to work in teams. There is no maximum age requirement, and there is also no required height or weight listed. It also states that cheerleaders should be in good physical and maintain healthy diets along with regular exercise.

Several NFL teams have been criticized for what has been described as an extensive list of requirements for their cheerleaders, that some describe as being lofty and apply to models.

The 54-year-old  math teacher believes that she is eligible, and with some help in the glamour department, she has set her intention and appears to be determined. The producers of the TV show were impressed with the fact that she was willing to compete with others who may be less than half of her age, and even if the 54-year old woman does not become a cheerleader, her story can serve as inspiration to those in pursuit of dreams.

Written by Dale Davidson

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