Aaron Paul on Crack Video Goes Viral

Aaron Paul on Crack Video Goes Viral

Aaron Paul on Crack Video Goes Viral

Aaron Paul has been very busy promoting his new film Need for Speed and one of the things that has come from his many interviews is his appearance pre-Jessie Pinkman on The Price is Right where, as Paul says, he looks as though he is on crack; a video of Aaron’s short time on the show has gone viral. This week has been one of revelations from the 34 year-old actor and star of the iconoclastic television show Breaking Bad.

The actor, who portrayed Jessie Pinkman on AMC’s award winning show about meth dealers, has spoken about his seemingly fairy tale marriage to his wife Lauren Corinne Parsekian. The couple tied the knot last May and Aaron says that the two have never fought.

A lot of that could be down to the fact that Paul definitely feels that he has met his “soul mate” and he revealed recently that he tried to marry Lauren on their first date. Although according to the Need for Speed star his spouse felt the same way. In fact they were on their way to the “Little White Chapel” to get married. The only thing that stopped them was that the place was closed.

It was obviously meant to be as the couple then went on to have a splendid wedding, where all the guests were asked to learn the words to the song Beauty so they could sing along at the ceremony, in Malibu, California. A real romantic gesture and one that seems to fit this apparent perfect marriage.

This news of wedded bliss, however, is not the most fascinating to be heard from Aaron Paul this week. The actor revealed that a video uploaded on YouTube August 2013 that shows him before his Breaking Bad days as a contestant on The Price is Right hosted by television hosting icon Bob Barker makes him laugh. Paul said it looks as though he is on crack and the video has gone viral on the Internet.

Back in those days, Aaron’s moniker was Aaron Sturtevant and he had ingested copious amounts of Red Bull in order to get his energy level up. Paul revealed that he’d been tipped off that the show wanted their contestants to be very excitable. He decided to overdose on the caffeine energy drink and it worked, he was picked.

Looking at the video, Paul looks like he could have been a Justin Timberlake double; with glasses. With his hair shorn very short, the actor’s unknown appearance did not result in a win for him. The program appearance was back in 2000 and Paul laughs at his appearance on the show.

He also revealed that he went on to lose. Even though he shouted “I love you” to Bob Barker and told the host that he was his “idol” he lost out on the big prize. Paul said that he bid on some prizes and a Camaro but he estimated the overall price by $132.

It is just as well that Aaron Paul can laugh at his “on crack” appearance in this video that has gone viral, he is much too busy promoting his film Need for Speed. The actor revealed his feelings about the pre Breaking Bad TV appearance to a CBS news outlet. He did not reveal, however, whether or not he still uses energy drinks. See his viral video below.

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