Aaron Paul and His Lesson in Love


The last thing anyone would expect from Breaking Bad’s drug addict, Jesse Pinkman, is to have a sensitive spot but that is where actor Aaron Paul comes in. Paul in recent interviews opened up about his relationship with spouse Lauren Parsekian and their time together. Not to mention that Aaron Paul received several lessons in love from an unexpected teacher.

Paul is most famous for playing the drug dealing partner of Walter White, in AMC’s critically acclaimed series Breaking Bad. It would seem that the characters the actor plays on-screen are far from his true character off-screen. Paul mentioned how he almost married Parsekian on the couples very first date as he knew from that very moment they were meant to be.

Paul and Parsekian’s very first date, according to the actor, was a trip to Las Vegas. They just hoped into a cab and asked to be taken to the closest chapel to get married. Unfortunately for them the chapel ended up being closed but Paul maintains that had it been possible they would probably have had gone through with it.

As for Paul’s secret mentor it is none other than Walter White himself. Well not Walter White exactly but actor Bryan Cranston. Seems like lessons in making meth are not the only lessons Aaron Paul receives. He told Elle Magazine that Cranston knew Paul was a hopeless romantic and as such, gave him quite a few pointers for a successful relationship. One of them was to not settle for anything.

Apparently Cranston’s off-screen lessons were not in vain as the results have been quite fruitful so far. Paul said that throughout his entire relationship with┬áParsekian they have never fought once. They do not argue over matters but have found a way to safely navigate through any sort of difficulty. Paul states that the secret behind this success is communication. The main reason why couples end up fighting is because they do not communicate. Everyone starts jumping to conclusion before knowing what the other has to say about the matter.

There is no inclination of their affection for each other diminishing anytime in the near future. Paul has already started planning for the future he wants with his wife. The very first in that list being kids. Miniature versions of his wife is what he wants. Paul expressed his desire to have at least one, if not all, daughters and at least one of Paul’s daughter to be a littler version of Perekian. All he wants is to see a little mini version of Lauren and the chance to see her grow up.

There isn’t any indication however that they have already started trying for it. Paul said that they are having so much fun being on the couples own and are in no hurry to rush any of it. They will take it slow for now but intend to really go for it once they start thinking about it.

The actor doesn’t seem to need any lessons in love now as Aaron Paul has already found the secret to a blissful relationship, if only he could do the same with his most recent film.

Opinion By Hammad Ali


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