Abby Martin Stresses Press Freedom With Public Condemnation of Russia

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Abby Martin, the host of RT’s Breaking the Set, was in the eye of the media storm earlier this month after her public condemnation of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his country’s geo-political actions versus Ukraine via intervening militarily in the annexation of Crimea. Perhaps one of the few journalists who has taken a stance in this regard, Martin expressed freely her opinion on the matter while on her television program broadcasted on Russia Today. Although the network is purported to be funded by the Kremlin government, she had no qualms about voicing her revulsion for what has been transpiring in the aforementioned countries and the information spouting from all sides.

Russia Today responded to the uproar of Martin’s televised remarks by espousing the freedom of their journalists to promote their views candidly, on and off the air. In addition to the statement released by RT, an option was openly considered by the network to send their Breaking the Set firebrand to Crimea. Martin made it clear that, although being sent to a war-zone had its appeal to her, she rejected the offer of journeying to the country.

The California native is also a self-professed artist and a believer in the role of the government as being possibly more than duplicitous in connection with the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on 9/11. Abby Martin and her public condemnation of Russia’s military action was one step that very few have taken so openly in the discourse of the media. Born in Oakland and attending San Diego State University for her graduate degree, Martin was prepared for her current journalistic notoriety during her role in the Occupy Oakland protests. There she first established her avatar as a correspondent for the Occupy movement and a citizen journalist who was against corporate-controlled media. Afterwards, she was recruited for a job as an anchor in the nation’s capital. Current advertisements for her show personify her frustration with the way the world receives its news and information by her smashing a television set with a sledgehammer.

Abby Martin and her most recent inquisitional pursuit on the limits of freedom for the press in this country was further viewed during her interview with former MSNBC host of The Young Turks, Cenk Uygur. The White House was not in favor of Uygur’s previous assessments of President Barack Obama, leading him to a prompt dismissal from the cable network. However, his dissatisfaction with CNN, MSNBC and other news outlets was made very clear during his interview with RT. Uygur and Martin, adding to her evaluation of Russia’s newfangled political maneuvering, collectively denounced both networks as being more inclined to faculties of entertainment while dramatizing their coverage of stories rather than rationally providing perspective and skepticism to inform their viewers. He also implied what was to be determined from his firing and Martin’s retaining of her show, after her own public judgements for the actions of the leader of the government from which her network is supposedly funded.

Abby Martin can be seen on Breaking the Set on RT, usually aired at 7 PM EST, or via RT’s website. Most of her artwork can be viewed from her private website. She is also featured in a blub in the current edition of Rolling Stone.

By Bryan William Myers



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