AMC & Kevin Smith’s Developing New Late Night TV Show

Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith is about to jump into the world of late night. AMC and cult filmmaker Kevin Smith have announced that they are developing a new late night TV show entitled Hollywood Babble-On which focuses upon the biggest stories from all around the entertainment industry. Along with the late night show, the cable network also announced the renewal of Smith’s successful unscripted television series Comic Book Men as well as the development of a new unscripted series with the filmmaker hired on as an executive producer.

AMC and Kevin Smith development of the new late night TV show Hollywood Babble-On is based upon the popular live podcast that Smith hosts along with his longtime friend and frequent collaborator Ralph Garman. Smith and Garman first met each other on the Los Angeles morning radio show Kevin and Bean where Garman is an entertainment reporter and impressionist. Hollywood Babble-On will film a pilot this spring with the intention of a weekly series.

AMC’s Executive VP of Programming, Production and Digital Content Joel Stillerman stated that they begun talks about expanding on things with the filmmaker well over a year ago. Stillerman added that the network have become rather familiar with the podcast and watched its success over the past few years. The decision to move forward seemed like an obvious one with Smith and Garman’s unique perspective on entertainment reporting.

Kevin Smith has described the podcast as Entertainment Tonight but with a filthy sense of humor. AMC and Kevin Smith are working on tweaking the format as they develop the podcast into the new late night TV show. Smith went on to say that since the podcast normally records in various Los Angeles night clubs, the show will need to be tinkered with in order to make a weekly TV series but that the general attitude and fun dynamic of Garman and Smith will remain. Hollywood Babble-On will bring an insider perspective while poking fun at those inside the industry. Smith concluded with that the show will not resemble a conventional talk show in format and has brought on The Soup and Fashion Police producers Wilshire Studios to help adapt their podcast into a visual medium.

AMC has already seen great success in the talk show circle with their increasingly popular after-show companion series Talking Dead and Talking Bad. The cable network’s drive into development of a late night TV show with Kevin Smith comes after many other networks have already made the plunge. Recently, AMC Talking Dead and Talking Bad host Chris Hardwick launched his own late night TV show on Comedy Central. Entitled @Midnight, the show is an internet-themed improv game show with a panel of comedians.

Along with Hollywood Babble-On, AMC renewed the fourth season of Smith’s Comic Book Men. The unscripted series averages around one million viewers at the late midnight time slot. Comic Book Men outperforms many cable series in the key demographic including King Of The Nerds and Top Chef.  Smith and AMC are also moving forward with a Comic Book Men companion series of sorts following frequent cast member Robert Bruce as he goes on a cross-country search for rare and expensive fanboy collectibles at auctions, flea markets and estate sales. AMC and Kevin Smith have not announced any premier dates as of yet as development gets underway for the new late night TV show and unscripted show.

By Benjamin Murray


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