American Horror Story Suits Up for Carnival

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American Horror Story is suiting up to set a blaze season four in October with a carnival theme. After wrapping season three’s Coven, Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson desert the deep dark black magic swamps of New Orleans and release their unparalleled powers into the frameworks of a carnival. Douglas Petrie, writer for American Horror Story, dropped this amazing tidbit on The Nerdist Writer’s Panel podcast.

American Horror Story has encompassed a body of horrific demented eye-catching modernized evolutionary horror. The first three seasons formulated three independent plot lines conveniently labeled Murder House, Asylum and Coven. Each season follows an assorted layout that does not constitute viewing each season consecutively. American Horror Story: Murder House was based in a mansion haunted by a slew of individuals that died on the property. The plot centers around a psychiatrist, his wife and their teenage daughter who are preyed upon by the former deceased family that occupied the home. Jessica Lange takes on the role of Constance Langdon, a deceased previous owner of the mansion.

Lange, returns amongst a new variation of characters with the conclusion of Murder House.  American Horror Story: Asylum, marks season two establishing Lange as Sister Jude, a nun who runs the Briarcliff Mental institution with two counterparts. In the dispersion of mental inmates are an alleged murderer, nymphomaniac, journalist, and a possible serial killer. The patients are analyzed by a perverse scientist and a twisted psychiatrist, that endorse what type of treatments are evoked upon the patients.

Branching into the wind of season three, American Horror Story: Coven, Lange tackles the character of Fionna Good. Coven centers around the supreme witch, Fionna Good, accumulating a new generation of enchanters in order to safe guard continued existence. There is an ulterior motive besides avoiding extinction that the supreme is looking to achieve. Many sides of witchery are enveloped during the season ranging from witchcraft to voodoo. There is a battle of sorts with pupils who posses powers of voodoo and those consumed with powers of witchery. Angela Bassett lends the helping voodoo hand that sets off the continuing skirmish combat between the voodoo specialists and witches as Marie Laveau.

Kathy Bates is entered into the ensemble as a racist southern serial killing aristocrat, known as Delphine LaLaurie. This is the pit of Laveau’s disdain, which dictates a portion of the alchemy directed towards the witches when they become entangled with LaLaurie. American Horror Story: Coven’s Bates, Bassett and Lange will all suit up in the upcoming, season four, carnival theme essence. Lange has stated that this will be her last season, and welcomes the challenge of her newest character. The Hollywood Reporter, stated that Lange has wished to expand her skills into a Marlene Dietrich type of disposition for a specific role. Dietrich was a German-American singer/actress whose breakout role was Lola-Lola in the 1930 film The Blue Angel. Dietrich embodied a glamorous exotic vintage Hollywood crux that actively span over a 60 years of film and cabaret career experiences. Lange’s expressed interest in playing a figure similar to Dietrich’s persona will be granted in some form during season four. Circus and carnival elements will suit up divinely for Lange’s last season in American Horror Story.

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