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American Horror Story: The Macabre Glamor of Sex and Gore

American Horror Story

The FX channels breakout show American Horror Story has managed to snare an impressively large audience in its sticky web. For these horror fans it is a bloody web indeed, heavy with lots of gore and shocking violence that leave them breathless and on edge. Fans just can not get enough it would seem. As the show moves into its fourth season it has yet to disappoint as it has become more popular with each subsequent season. The blood and violence is tempered with a measured and coy sexiness from its mix of seasoned actors and vibrant newcomers. Somehow American Horror Story has managed to creep up on an unsuspecting public and turn the macabre into a sizzling glamorous feast of sex, gore and delicious anticipation.American Horror Story

This shows brilliant creators and writers have given audiences a new appreciation for the modern horror genre. Both viewers and critics alike have given the show resounding praise for its entrancing ability to mix campy storytelling with creepy thrills. It has been nominated for numerous awards despite a small gaggle of Hollywood naysayers that felt the show was too violent and lacked solid storytelling in the plots. The show manages to give the impression that there is almost as much sex as there are dead bodies although this is not quite the case. It is more so the flavor of the plot as well as the implied and shadowy undercurrents of sexual perversion and taboo pleasures that run throughout every seasonal installment. The incomparable Jessica Lange has kept the show burning with her delightful brand of quiet intense malice throughout every season. The talented Frances Conroy has also managed to grab the attention of watchers with her almost magical ability to morph into a myriad of strange and intriguing characters.

American Horror StoryThe younger cast members certainly bring a lot of young sexy energy to the show. Actor Evan Peters and the ethereally beautiful Taissa Farmiga heat up the screen with their tender moments of angsty young love steeped in horror and murder. The chemistry between these two manifested in the first season of AHS: Murder House and reignited in season three AHS: Coven. The witchy cast of season three featured a lot of young actors that were able to pull off the modern feel of the plot while maintaining a good balance with the timelessness of the more seasoned actors like Kathy Bates and Angela Basset. Bassett was a particular treat for audiences playing the role of a sassy and sensual Marie Laveau the legendary Voodoo Queen. Bates did not disappoint as she flexed her acting chops with her portrayal of the evil and twisted socialite serial killer Delphine Lalaurie who reveled in her sick fetish of dismemberment and torture. With all the exciting twists and plot surprises, it is not hard to imagine American Horror Story as being the perfect vehicle that would bring the macabre to new heights of glamor with its sexy spin on gore and horror. It should also be noted that the show was not afraid to fill roles with non traditional characters played by Gabourey Sidibe and Jamie Brewer who are excellent and bring a unique vibe to the show.

Every new season brings a new story line that guarantees to keep audiences in suspense, waiting with baited breath for the next drop of the hatchet or machete, or… It obviously goes without saying that this show is full of decidedly wicked happenings that can turn even the most hardened skeptic into a jumpy twitcher whose a little turned on. It is hard to know what to expect as the writing is not very predictable or formulaic. The refreshing sense of “anything can happen” is proving to be a great selling point for this show as it competes for the attention of viewers. Seasons one and two were able to cement the shows popularity, paving the way for FX to continue its upward climb in the ratings. From a murdering house to a mental institution for the criminally insane and on to a powerful coven of witches, American Horror Story does not disappoint its growing number of fans and followers.American Horror Story

With the recent announcement that veteran actor Michael Chiklis would be joining the cast in season four of the series, things are bound to get even more interesting as he joins the list of handsome men that have starred in the show. Reportedly season four of the show entitled AHS: Freak Show will once again bring back many cast members from past seasons including Sarah Paulson. Emma Roberts is reportedly in talks to return as well. Viewers who have become die hard fans will surely be in for a treat this coming fall when American Horror Story returns to brilliantly display its scary ability to light up the macabre with a glamor powered with sex and drenched in gore. For viewers with an appetite for horror, tuning in will surely satiate it, at least for a while.

Opinion by Mai Nowlin