Annual LGBT Easter Egg Hunt in West Hollywood

easterWest Hollywood will host an extravagant Easter celebration for the LGBT community during the city’s annual egg hunt on April 20, 2014. Hosted by the Varsity Gay League and Big Gay Frisbee, and sponsored by West Hollywood’s Gym Bar and the online adult superstore, the event will include a variety of competitions and prizes. Called the Easter Eggstravaganza, the community event is exceedingly popular and full of fun.

Most widely known as the Christian holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, the pastel-colored traditions based around bunnies and eggs have undoubtedly Pagan roots. Though the exact origin of those traditions are debated, a few facts about pre-Christian symbolism associated with the holiday are known for certain, and they happen to compliment the LGBT community quite nicely.

easterFor starters, you will not find the Easter Bunny mentioned anywhere in the bible. Known to be prolific procreators, bunnies are said to have become associated with the holiday as a symbol of fertility due to their fervent sexual appetite. What may not be as well-known about bunnies is that appetite is not sexually discriminate in the least. Once sexually mature, both male and female rabbits will mount one another endlessly, in both same-sex and opposite sex pairs, out of sex drive and to establish social dominance. Every bunny loves some bunny.

Furthermore, the egg is an ancient symbol of new life and the rebirth of Spring. Said to represent Jesus’ emergence from the tomb, which is arguably like “coming out of the closet,” an egg hunt may also be a symbolic and appropriate activity for the West Hollywood LGBT Easter celebration. Though the muscle-bound-bunny/man with a sweet face works as well who promotes the event on the Eggstravaganza fliers works as well.

The event will be held at Weho Park in West Hollywood from 1:30pm to 4:00pm. Admission is $10 per player and the teams will consist of four players each. During the hunt teams will search various locations, and the first team to return with all their eggs will be declared the winner. In each location a “fabulous Afikoman Golden Egg which contains special prizes and is worth more” will also be hidden.

The Varsity Gay League offers various community activities in the West Hollywood area.

After the hunt teams can compete in various games including Rabbit Hunting, in which one player strives to protect the egg while the other works to destroy everyone else’s. There will also be an egg toss in the standard style, except the eggs will not be hard-boiled, and a Chubby Bunny competition to see who can eat the most marshmallow peeps.

The annual LGBT Easter holiday celebrations will conclude after the egg hunt and games with drink specials and revelry at the Gym Bar in West Hollywood. Other upcoming events on the Varsity Gay League calendar include the Hollywood Game Night on April 15; the Beer Olympics on May 10, which consists of beer pong, boat races, flip cup, bob the knob, twister, and belching, and Braingasm the trivia game on April 25 at Gym Bar. Happy Easter!

By Mimi Mudd

Varsity Gay League
Diana Krempels, PH.D.