Apple iPhone 6 Photo Leaked?

Apple aficionados are abuzz today as a photo purported to be an image of the front panel of Apple’s highly anticipated new iPhone 6 was leaked to the Internet on Sunday night. The picture appears to show the front panels of an iPhone 4S, an iPhone 5S and an iPhone 6 lined up together. The image first appeared on a Chinese site, WeiPhone, and while it has not yet been authenticated, it has certainly created excitement among Apple fans.

The image is grainy and not in clear focus, leading some to question its authenticity. When photos were leaked prior to the release of Apple’s iPhone 4, they were sharp and clear. In addition, some question whether the apparent screen size in the photo could be accurate. Rumor has it that the iPhone 6 will be available in two sizes, a 4.7 inch screen, and a 5.5 or 5.7 inch screen. Some of the observers of this allegedly leaked image say that the front panel shown could only be as large as 4.2 inches, making it unlikely to be the real deal, but others disagree, saying that it could be the 4.7 inch version. Believers say that the lighting makes it clear that what is shown in the image could be a component of Apple’s newest iPhone.

If authentic, the image shows that the new iPhone 6 will have an edge-to-edge screen with no side bezels. The overall size appears to be similar to that of the iPhone 5S with the lack of bezels presumably allowing for a greater screen size. It also shows that the “home” button is much closer to the screen, a fact that has led to some speculation that the photo is a fake because it is a sharp departure from the traditional positioning of the button by a company known for its focus on design.

The first set of alleged leaked photos of the next-generation of Apple’s iPhone were leaked to the Internet last month. Those photos showed an iPhone with a much slimmer design than previous iterations of the device and also indicated that an edge-to-edge screen design was being developed. Those photos also revealed similarities to the design of the iPad mini and iPad Air, leading to the rumors that the new iPhone will be Apple’s first foray into phablet territory, perhaps in an attempt to continue to compete with growing rival Samsung.

Other rumors surrounding the much anticipated device are that it will feature a fingerprint sensor using Touch ID technology linked to the scratch-resistant sapphire glass expected to make up the screen of the iPhone 6. It has also been widely reported that the next-generation of iPhone will focus heavily on the integration of health and fitness apps, as Apple has recently hired a number of  “small device, fitness, and medical experts” and has even reportedly had a meeting with the FDA rumored to have been related to the company’s intent to expand its reach into the health and fitness market. Solar charging capabilities and a 13 megapixel camera are also expected features of the long-awaited device.

Whether the recently leaked photo of the new Apple iPhone 6 proves to be authentic remains to be seen, for now, though, it is enough to keep the Apple rumor mill churning.

By Michele Wessel

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