Apple Rumors of a New MacBook Air


For many, Apple holds the key to today’s rapidly evolving technology, and longtime users of the company hang onto any sort of rumor that comes from what they might reveal next. Lately, rumors have been swirling around surrounding what could likely be a new MacBook Air. The device is essentially Apple’s version of a netbook with the capabilities of a proper MacBook. Apple products are known for their longevity and user-friendly interface design, most users of their products have had them for some time, and the newer models will likely have an even longer lifespan. To get an idea, this article is being typed on a 2008 white standard MacBook. The MacBook Air is known for its sleek, thin design and quiet, yet efficient processing power, as well as a lengthy battery life, but it is not a full computer. Due to low hard drive space, the MacBook Air is meant to accompany a home desktop or other computer.

The rumors surrounding the Apple’s possible new MacBook Air highlight the features and changes to the device. Rumors say it is likely to feature a Retina display much like the ones seen on the MacBook Pro. Also there is a possibility of the computer functioning without a fan to cool it. This likely means that without having to create additional space for a fan, Apple designers can make the the MacBook thinner than its previous models. If the new design scheme can keep the same battery life, while having a better display active at the same time, then it is likely that Apple’s rumored new MacBook will do well after its predicted announcement.

While Apple products are most often at the very cutting edge of innovation and technological advancement, lately it appears that the brains behind the products may be at an impasse. Certainly all of Apple’s products have a long life cycle, as well as incredibly impressive capabilities, however, has Apple run itself dry? Lately the public has only received newer models of Apple’s products, with enhancements built on them. While progress is still progress, one may question: where is the next ground-breaking product? Apple began making very serious waves during the era of the first iPods, and it changed the way people use their phones for good once the iPhone was brought into creation, but will Apple be able to create another product that makes an impact as great as the iPhone? Or has the company’s innovation outdone itself? Apple is a sprinter when it comes to pushing technology forward, able to go long distances in a short time period, but can the company of “geniuses” also be a long distance runner? The public expects great things from Apple.

More rumors regarding Apple’s endeavors outside of the new MacBook Air are also floating around. Many speculate at designs and an announcement of a possible iPhone 6, while some have hinted at some sort of Apple TV. Rumors say that Apple has been in talks with Comcast over some sort of media streaming outlet, possibly an alternative to television. Could this be Apple’s next big move? Or maybe the iPhone 6 will expand upon the original design in ways that the public would never think possible. Whatever Apple’s intent, the public will have to wait until the company’s next keynote segment.

Opinion by Michael Foster

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