Arnold Schwarzenegger the Clown

Arnold Schwarzenegger

When Arnold does comedies, he usually teams up with Danny DeVito.

The first film that he does with Danny DeVito for laughs is Twins. A group of scientists seek to create the perfect human being. The woman that they use to make the perfect human being gives birth to twins. One is Arnold, their perfection, and the other is Danny DeVito, far from being their perfection. When the “bad” twin gets into big trouble as an adult, Arnold’s character must rescue his “bad” twin.

This is probably Arnold’s best comedy. DeVito and him have good chemistry together. They make a person believe that they are actually twins. The script is not the best, but the two actors overcome its weaknesses. This is the comedy that a person should see with the former governor.

The second film starring the former governor and Danny DeVito is Junior. DeVito’s character is an obstetrician who has found a way to implant a human egg in a male. The former governor plays the character who gets to be the first pregnant male. The laughs arise from the former governor trying to hide his condition from the outside world and his potential girlfriend.

This comedy would be as good as Twins except for the potential girlfriend. The potential girlfriend is played by Emma Thompson. She plays a scientist, but she is extremely klutzy. She can’t seem to even hold a beaker without getting into trouble. It is a wonder that she didn’t blow up the laboratory at her college. If her character is taken out of the film or rewritten, this film would be a lot better.

Another attempt at comedy by the former bodybuilder was Kindergarten Cop. The film starts with a very brutal confrontation between Arnold’s cop and a drug dealer. The drug dealer escapes and the cop’s only lead is the drug dealer’s girlfriend. The cops are going to use the girlfriend as bait and hope that the drug dealer tries to reunite with her. The girlfriend happens to be a kindergarten teacher and the cop’s female partner will go undercover as a teacher. She gets sick so the former governor becomes the teacher. The drug dealer and drug dealer’s mother track down the girlfriend. The movie ends, as it began, with a violent confrontation.

As far as tone, this is one of the weirdest comedies ever made. The violent beginning and ending totally contradicts the warm and fuzzy middle. They are not just a little violent. They are no less vicious as anything from the Terminator films or Arnold’s film called Raw Deal. The violent scenes make a person wonder what the filmmakers are trying to say and how they expected kids to enjoy this film.

Arnold Schwarzenegger can be a clown and can be funny. He just doesn’t do it very much.

by Tom Clark


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