Arnold Schwarzenegger to Return to Big Screen in ‘Terminator: Genesis’

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Action legend Arnold Schwarzenegger plans to return to big screen in upcoming film Terminator: Genesis. The movie will reportedly hit the big screen in July 2015, and will also star Divergent’s Jai Courtney, Game of Thrones‘ Emilia Clarke, and veteran actor J.K. Simmons.

Schwarzenegger originally took the lead role in the first Terminator film back in 1984 when he played a cyborg hitman. The legendary actor would also go on to star in most of the subsequent films in the franchise except for Terminator: Salvation.

In this new film, the Austrian actor will take the role of an old robot. He shared a few details regarding the role with MTV, explaining that the exterior of the robot is made of flesh and the interior is a machine. It is the flesh that ages just like any human being. Even fictional robots age over time.

In the interview, Schwarzenegger also talked about the perils as an aging star in an action film.    He mentioned how some of the action scenes have become more difficult at 66 years of age compared to when he was in his heyday. He also talked about the challenges of having a new director.

Terminator: Genesis star Arnold Schwarzenegger made this official big screen return two years ago when he starred in The Expendables 2. Last year, he also starred in Escape Plan and The Last Stand. This year he will star in three movies including Maggie, Sabotage, and The Expendables 3.  Perhaps the best movies the former California governor is most known for is his action films. Besides the Terminator franchise, he also was a big star in many notable action flicks like Commando, Red Heat, Predator, and Total Recall.

Schwarzenegger is happy to be a part of this upcoming movie. He also told MTV he was quite upset he could not be in the last Terminator film because he had to fulfill his duties as a governor. Fortunately for him and his fans, the actor will make a return to the franchise.

One of the best things about Schwarzenegger is his multi-faceted talents. Earlier this week, the actor showed off his humorous side when he made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  He did a skit called Now We’re Cookin’ With Zach Striker that mocked shopping network QVC. Fallon played Striker and even donned a blonde wig, while Schwarzenegger played a guest on the show. When Striker talked about a Vitamix mixer, Schwarzenegger’s character got angry. The more Striker talked and raved about the mixer, the more Arnold Schwarzenegger got mad. It got to the point his character blew up and eventually threw the table over to show his distressed side.

As fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger anticipate his return to Terminator: Genesis, they can catch him catch him on the big screen this year in the aforementioned films.  His current action film Sabotage, which also stars Josh Holloway and Joe Manganiello,  debuts in theaters everywhere today.

By Anna Peel


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