Baby Names: What Is Hot What Is Not

Baby Names

If somebody is having a baby in the near future and is having problems naming the baby, they are not alone. Baby names are like anything else when it comes to fashion; sometimes they are hot and trending and sometimes not.

As far as celebrities go, baby names are usually pretty out there. The stars tend to stray towards very, very uncommon names. Perhaps to ensure a uniqueness for the child that grows up in the spotlight.  Lots of people follow the celebrities and fashion very rare names for the couples baby-to-be. The trouble with that is not all children in the schoolyard are going to be as accepting of an odd sounding name. So even though choosing an uncommon name could be fun and help the child stand out, it also has the potential for ridicule.

One definite trend lately for celebrities and everyone else, is utilizing geography for inspiration. Baby names on the trend are those named after places such as: Dakota, Denver, Phoenix, Dallas, Boston, Dayton, Brooklyn, India and the like. Names based on geographical places seem to be readily accepted as they sound familiar to the ear.  But common sense must come into play, as some names which may be used frequently in our vocabulary; they may not necessarily be easily welcomed. The name Poet, for example, opens up far more room for teasing than that of Daisy.

When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge announced the birth of Prince George, it started a prediction for royal names to be the next trend. So names like Henry, Edward, William, George, Elizabeth and Victoria could be on the rise. So as geographical and royal baby names are on the ‘what’s hot’ list, food and animal names are on the ‘what’s not’ list.  In 2013 some of the worst rated baby names were used. Names like Cheese, Danish, Panda and Phone, popular last year, are being considered some of the worst baby names ever. A rule of thumb in order to choose a great baby name is to follow ones instincts, use common sense and not trying to over-impress.

Another trend in baby names for 2014, is the revival of ancestral names in ones family. So picking the name of ones great, great grandfather or mother is becoming very popular again. Giving ‘old’ names such as Violet, Mabel, Penelope, Richard and Alfred a new lease on life.

Names of heroes, historical figures and even character names are making a comeback also. So expect to see names like Lincoln, Atticus, Dirk, Scarlett and Dashiell in the future. Again, common sense needs to be used here because choosing the name Jezebel for a girl, albeit historical, may not be in the best interest of the young lady bearing it.

Names of virtue have been used for girls names, such as Hope and Faith, and now a trend is happening to include boys names in that category as well. Names like Valor, Noble and Justice would fall into that division.

According to the Social Security website the most popular names for boys in the last 100 years are James, John, Robert, Michael and William. The most popular girls names in the last 100 years are Mary, Patricia, Elizabeth, Jennifer and Linda.

What is hot and what is not in baby names is considered something to keep in mind when naming a newborn. For the sake of the child, it is recommended to pick something that is trending or acceptable to the human ear; using common sense, instincts and staying away from the urge to be “ahead of ones time.” Nobody wants to grow up with the name Watermelon.

Opinion by Derik L. Bradshaw


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