Bacon Wake Up App by Oscar Mayer Includes Smell and Sound [Video]


For years, science and entertainment have worked together in an attempt to perfect a concept known as Smell-O-Vision, a technology created decades ago by inventor Hans Laube – which, in theory, provides the ability for audience members to actually glean certain scents while watching film and potentially television as well. Well, the modern age isn’t quite there yet, but Oscar Mayer has come extremely close. In conjunction with an Oscar Mayer app for the iPhone entitled Wake Up and Smell the Bacon, users can now utilize a contraption of the same name, which actually yields the sound and smell of cooked bacon.

This Thursday, the Oscar Mayer Institute for the Advancement of Bacon (yes, it is real), announced their new innovation, which is intended to provide a pleasant way for bacon lovers to wake up. Without having to ever set foot in the kitchen, these fried pork enthusiasts can now have a few benefits of sizzling breakfast food at their bedside. The Wake Up and Smell the Bacon device simply gets inserted into an iPhone port, and works in collaboration with the Oscar Mayer’s application of the same name, that anyone can download.

Unfortunately, this is not a piece of technology that anyone can buy in a store. The Oscar Mayer app, which will allow its users to literally wake up to the sound and smell of bacon only works to its full capacity with the addition of the necessary plug in. In fact there are only a limited number of such devices available, and one must apply online in hopes that he or she will by one of the lucky ones to experience bacon bliss with the simple adjustment of a few iPhone settings. Bacon fanatics should hurry, as the chance to receive this free offer from Oscar Mayer begins this Thursday, March 6 and expires April 4.

So, how does this thing actually work? The Wake Up and Smell the Bacon device plugs into an iPhone headphones jack. Once the alarm clock settings have been made, it’s just a waiting game. At the appropriate moment, the Oscar Mayer plug in, which is filled with bacon scented liquid, goes to work, letting out a morning-familiar odor of cooked pork. Apparently, the app also emits entertaining phrases, being dubbed “baconisms,” such as the notion: “A world without bacon is like the Earth without the world…” Some fans that have had the pleasure of testing this new invention are already calling the technology addicting and “heavenly.”

The desire to create and promote bacon-related concepts is simply based on signs that can be seen all over the pork-belly-crazed society of today, with millions of references to bacon being posted on social media sites such as Instagram. The greatly-popular giant in pork products, Oscar Mayer, is extremely excited to have created the first “bacon-scented mobile device.” Senior marketing and advertising director Tom Bick went on to say that this device will give bacon lovers a new excuse “to welcome their morning alarm clocks.”

Although only a lucky few who get their online applications to Oscar Mayer during this limited offer will received the Wake Up and Smell the Bacon device, anyone can simply download the related app to see and hear the sights and sounds of bacon on demand – anywhere, anytime.

By Josh Taub


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