Bitcoin Founder Finally Found

BitcoinThe founder of Bitcoin has been finally found, and speculations that Satoshi Nakamoto is just a codename were debunked by Newsweek’s Leah McGrath Goodman. Her two-month investigation revealed that Nakamoto is a 64-year-old Japanese-American modestly living in Los Angeles’ San Bernardino with his family. According to the journalist, her visit tohome of the Bitcoin founder resulted in a police raid. Nakamoto called law enforcement and chased McGrath Goodman away, but not before stating that the virtual currency no longer belongs to him.

Newsweek’s journalist Leah McGrath Goodman had been searching for Nakamoto  all over North America. After coming across two people with the same name, one dead and another one working for Ralph Lauren, she identified that the man living in the San Bernardino section of Los Angeles as the man she was looking for. The founder of Bitcoin, has a predilection for collecting model trains, and a military background, was finally found. After admitting the role he played in the making of Bitcoin, Nakamoto stated that the virtual currency is no longer in his hands and “other people” are currently managing it.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the eldest of three brothers with a taste for engineering and technical fields, but the only one with a career shrouded in mystery. After corresponding with Newsweek’s  journalist regarding model trains, the founder of Bitcoin ceased answering her emails once McGrath Goodman started asking about the virtual currency.

Nakamoto’s youngest brother, Arthur stated that he is an intelligent man, especially when it comes to “mathematics, engineering, computers.” However, Arthur Nakamoto stated that his older brother will “deny everything.” This suggested to Goodman that she was on the right track.

The virtual currency’s chief scientist, Gavin Andresen, admitted that he has been working closely with Nakamoto on the development of Bitcoin. However, he claimed that breaking “this huge $8 billion project” is very easy to do and it happened before. According to Andersen, the company founder went to great lengths to protect his anonymity.  Although Andresen believed that Nakamoto started the virtual currency for political motives, he later found out that was not the case. The chief scientist of Bitcoin admitted that he made $800 for each penny invested.

Andresen contacted the headquarters of the Central Intelligence Agency in order to convince authorities that Bitcoin is not an enemy of the state. However, from that moment on, Nakamoto disappeared. His middle brother, Tokuo Nakamoto mentioned that his sibling does not want to face the media, which is why he has been in hiding.

His protégé Martti Malmi told Goodman that the founder of Bitcoin, “seemed to be influenced by a lot of people in Silicon Valley.” Andresen stated that experts could tell the virtual currency’s code was made by one person because of the disorganized style.

Now that Bitcoin’s founder has been finally found, the question is what the next step will be.  The company has lost billions of dollars of investors’ money, and prosecution may occur.

By Gabriela Motroc


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