BlackBerry CEO John Chen Serious About Bringing BBM Service to Desktop


BlackBerry CEO John Chen said on Friday that the company is giving serious thought to putting its BBM Service on desktop computers.  If the BlackBerry app is introduced for desktop PC’s, it would surely mean a positive business enhancement and garner a lot of profit for the company. At present, BlackBerry Messenger enjoys massive popularity among its 80 million users, which should increase in the near future given the positive changes planned by the present CEO.

Chen announced the move after due discussion with the clients of BlackBerry. The purpose of the decision is to provide more mobility, wherein a customer could continue group chats on BlackBerry Mobile which were started on personal computers. Due to the heightened security of the BBM, government employees or employees of organizations which deal in sensitive matters could enjoy chatting on BBM with much more peace of mind than before.

This is no isolated move. The company is trying to improve its business by making changes to its current model. Advanced versions of the chat could be rolled out soon after proper planning. Per the reports of Re/Code, the organization is aiming for a “more secure and unaudited version of BBM.” A senior director of BlackBerry, Mr. David Proulx, told Re/Code, “There isn’t a single monetization model here that needs to ubiquitously work or be forced on things.”

He affirmed that the BBM service will retain all of the privacy features and security aspects that are the essence of the device. Basically, the company is trying to re-structure the business model without changing the basic function of the BlackBerry. The recent $19 billion offer of Facebook to Whats App proves that the e-market is still hot for chat services and any improvement and/or enhancement of the popular services could significantly increase revenue for BlackBerry.

Once BBM is made available to desktop computers, users will enjoy real-time chats and comprehensive video sessions, not to mention that there will be immense potential for the platform to entice new customers if BlackBerry can also introduce channels. The new channels could  provide a new source of revenue generation based on sponsored content which is planned to be shown.

Chen conveyed that he was “very comfortable” with the financial data of the company, but notes that any increase in profit would take a few quarters to appear.  The BBM service was made available to Android and iPhone users in February 2014 and the company hopes to introduce the tool in Nokia X platforms as well.

In recent months, BlackBerry has introduced its BBM voice to a competitor called OSes. The company has delineated its plans to bring in BBM Protected for regulated industries in the market in hopes that the overall customer base will increase.

It seems as if it is only a matter of time before the BlackBerry Messenger Service begins to attract many more clients.  Chen deserves praise on his serious plans to bring the BBM Service to desktop computers.

Opinion by Sunando Basu

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