Boar Beyond Belief Equals a Lot of Sausage [Video]

Boar Beyond Belief Equals a Lot of Sausage

A boar beyond belief will provide a lot of sausage and BBQ feasts in the next year for the family of Jett Webb and his friends. Less than two weeks ago, Webb, a firefighter from Conetoe, North Carolina stalked and killed the famous wild hog that had been spotted years ago. After numerous hunters at the White Oak Ranch Hunting Club in eastern North Carolina learned of the roaming beast on the property, the quest was on to hunt down the wild hog.

Captured on trail videos within the over 4,000 acre private club, everyone was well aware of the one to be found and killed. He was out there, a sort of mystique was created and the hunt was on. Webb was the lucky winner of the desired prize as he killed the feral pig with one clear shot. Hiding out in an elevated tree stand and using red lights to hunt his prey, the creature showed his face and the deed was done quite easily.

Using only one pull of the trigger and a single shot from his .308 caliber AR-10 rifle, Webb calmly aimed at the vital organs of the wild hog and nailed it swiftly without a battle. The wandering pest seemed to be ready to give up the fight and died quite quickly. After assuring his prize was no longer a threat, Webb ventured down the tree stand to survey the almost celebrity status game find.

Deep breaths of awe and unbelief held Webb in a surreal moment with the experience. As his buddies took photos and revved up the truck, Webb gathered his thoughts and attached the massive boar to the four-wheeler. The huge wild pig was finally silenced of his squeals and grunts as he was dragged to a spot at the club where all could witness the catch and congratulate the hunter.

Weighing in at over 500 pounds and measuring almost eight feet long, the wild hog seemed to be showing his age and was estimated to be at least nine or ten years old. The hairy beast, complete with a large snout and tusks did not put up a fight. He died peacefully yielding close to a half a ton of meat from his heralded life at the ranch. The end had finally come for the wild boar and a full freezer of sausage, pork chops and tenderloins were quickly packaged for human enjoyment.

Webb, an avid hunter, has claimed and mounted several prizes throughout the years and many are on display at the club. As others, he has paid the yearly dues of $6,000 a year to the White Oak Ranch for the privilege and enjoyment of hunting. Membership includes being able to bag four bucks per year with unlimited hunting of ducks, turkeys, bears and other wildlife, including fishing opportunities. Mike Mansell runs and manages the area and was also amazed at Webb’s fortune at nabbing the famed beast.

Wild boars were introduced to game parks in 1979, but have since become so over populated that they are begging to be killed. Damaging and destroying crops and natural vegetation, the feral swine have become mean and nasty. Taking one out is a victory for everyone. They can be very vicious and aggressive and Webb is most lucky he killed the wild hog from a distance. Boars have been known to charge and attack their assailants with no concern.

The prized killing of the 500 pound wild hog has made national news with many kudos to Webb for the final demise of an unwanted beast in the counties of Pitt, Bertie and Edgecombe, North Carolina. Not named, but quickly claimed, the wild boar will provide many flavorful meals for a long time to come. Getting plenty of exercise while eluding his hunters, the 500 pound pig will make for tasty eating of numerous BBQ dinners and plenty of sausage. This boar was beyond belief and all who partake of his lean, muscular meat will be all the happier and grateful to the man who took him out.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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