Bradley Cooper Rumored to Be Indiana Jones


It’s being rumored that Bradley Cooper could actually play the next Indiana Jones. Well, he certainly has the looks, the build, and the cockiness to take on the role (it would seem). Moreover, his on-screen sense of humor would absolutely lend itself to the subtle nuances audiences have become used to from Harrison Ford for over 30 years. Before anyone gets ahead of them self, this concept, while being cited in numerous online publications, is a mere rumor. Some are now saying it’s a flat-out falsehood. However, the fact is that, unfortunately, Harrison Ford is not getting any younger. Die hard fans of the Indiana Jones series could, at some point, see a Bradley Cooper-type taking over as the lead, a la James Bond.

Perhaps, the rumor of rebooting the Indiana Jones franchise comes from Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2013. With such a purchase comes along the ability to produce and distribute already existing series established by the sci-fi giant, pre-buyout. For example, the Star Wars saga continuation is confirmed and underway. Fans of that hugely popular movie franchise are already salivating over the impending 2015 release of “Ep. VII.” Coincidentally, there are rumors of Harrison Ford making an appearance as his original character, Han Solo, from the first trio of Star Wars Films.

So, it certainly makes sense that Disney would opt to maximize their profit buy putting out fifth installment to the Indiana Jones films as well. As sure as day, there are plenty of “Indie” fanatics who would not mind seeing Harrison Ford continue as the lead for at least one more action-packed adventure through a jungle or creepy temple, while fighting off Nazis and giant scorpions. But, the highly rumored notion of Bradley Cooper taking on the Indiana Jones role seems to also be stemming from an alleged, looming window of time before Ford will just be too old.

Now that Disney has taken over, they may not want to wait too long before capitalizing on these movies. The fifth whiplashing adventure may be entitled Indiana Jones V: The Search for Mutt’s Gold, referencing Shia Labeouf’s character from the last installment of 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. However it did take almost 20 years between the 3rd and 4th Indiana Jones films. So, unless audiences want to see “Indie” donning a wheel chair and dentures, Lucas, Spielberg and Ford better get cracking.

Speaking of Shia Lebeouf, he seemed to get cut out of the picture – literally. At the time of “Crystal Skull”, many assumed he would become the next Jones, taking over for Ford (or at least joining him) in the fifth film. However, there has been no serious talk, at all, of him coming back to take part in the franchise. Instead, he’s been noted for alleged plagiarism issues and “retiring” from public life. Not the kind of off-screen persona that would necessarily lend itself to a warm welcome back to the Indiana Jones “party”.

While Bradley Cooper, rumored to play the next Indiana Jones, may seem like a decent fit – if there had to be a choice for a new lead – the notion may be a tad premature. It seems the next possible installment has too many questions up in the air regarding title, script, timeline, and cast. Much respect goes to Harrison Ford for having kept his thrilling character relevant for so long. With talk of his interest in playing “Indie” two more times, it seems serious fans may have much more to look forward to, that is, if they don’t have to wait another 20 years.

Opinion by Josh Taub

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