Breast Cancer and Alternative Thinking

Breast CancerOnce found, treating breast cancer is a very personal decision, and one that needs to be explored instead of blindly believing in traditional medicine. Traditional methods of detecting and treating cancer can be a good option, but don’t stop there, explore what some highly respected Doctors are doing, and the advances they are making with their outside the box, alternative thinking, on breast cancer treatment. Knowing where to look and how to find the information needed, when needed, is half the battle, and a diagnosis of a malignant tumor does not mean that traditional treatment is the only option.

A little known pioneer in empowering women to think differently about their bodies and breast cancer awareness is Suzanne Somers. She has written several books on the subject, partnering with prestigious doctors from around the world. Knockout, Interviews with Doctors who are Curing Cancer, and how to prevent it in the first place, is a book full of important information from professionals in the field. It is important to allow patients to think alternatively about breast cancer, as there are more options out there than those found at the family doctor. This is the age of technology and with rapid advancements in so many areas, why is cancer the only disease with the same fatality rate as it had 50 years ago? Empowerment through knowledge to make the best possible decision should a diagnosis of cancer be made, is the goal.

Dr. Russell Blaylock has published many books and articles on the subject and it may be surprising to many that he believes that mammograms are unnecessary and cites studies that show that a mammogram every year for 10 years increases a women’s chances of getting breast cancer by 30%! This is information that is useful, yet not readily known.

Doctors outside of mainstream medicine are making huge strides in ways of preventing cancer and how to boost the immune system, and this alternative thinking can improve survival in not only breast cancer but stomach, esophagus, and uterine/cervical cancer also. Bill Falon is the Director and Co-founder of the Life Extension Foundation, and he is committed to getting all information, including alternative treatment information, out to the world. This foundation provides information for every person, no matter where they may be in the treatment of their particular cancer. An abundance of treatment options and supplements to help a patient through traditional treatment can be found here, as well as preventative measures. It is not just one person’s opinion, there are studies proving these theories, all anyone needs to do is look for them, and starting with the Foundations website is a good place to begin.

If anyone finds themselves having to deal with this horrifying disease, looking to some of these forward thinking doctors can help to pick the right treatment for each specific case. Some pioneers in thinking alternatively about breast cancer are Dr. Stanislaw Burznski, an internationally recognized physician and scientist, who has paved the way for use of active peptides in diagnosing, and treating cancer.  Dr. Nicholas Gonzales has numerous honors for performance in internal medicine and cancer research.  Dr. James Forsyth is a board certified oncologist and homeopath, and Dr. Julie Taguchi, a board certified oncologist who is in mainstream medicine but believes in the importance of honoring the patients wishes, whether they choose the traditional path or alternative treatment. Women have overcome many struggles throughout history, and treating breast cancer with traditional methods or alternative thinking is no different.

Opinion By Kristi Cereska

Suzanne Sommers – Knockout

Life Extension Foundation

The Blaylock Wellness Report

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