Burger King Baby Searches for Mom

burger king babyCries from a baby were heard coming from the Burger King bathroom. A baby was found in a red sweater. Police were called. The year was 1986. The Burger King baby was found in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Katheryn Deprill was the Burger King baby, born only hours earlier. She is now 27 and seeking her birth mom.

Burger King baby Katheryn Deprill is married and has three children. Ironically she is employed as a first responder EMT. She now lives just outside Allentown in South Whitehall, PA. On March 2, she started her quest to find her birth mom.  She placed a photograph of her holding a sign that read she was searching for her birth mother who left her in a Burger King bathroom. Now a week later she has over 27,000 shares on Facebook.

Katheryn Deprill had always knew she was an abandoned child when in 6th Grade her teacher gave an assignment for the students to research the history of their families, but she did not know the whole truth. Deprill confronted her adoptive parents, Brenda and Carl Hollis. They finally showed her a scrapbook with clippings from a newspaper account of her abandonment.

At first she though that it was something about herself that was what caused her birth mom to abandon her. But as she matured into an adult she became offered more sympathy for her birth mom. She stated  she cannot imagine what she was going through. She is grateful for her health and that her birth mom did not abuse any alcohol or drugs during the pregnancy.

It was her adoptive mother Brenda who came up with the idea for her to search out her birth mom. She suggested that Deprill place a photograph of herself holding a sign on a Facebook post. Some people are concerned her birth mom is not likely to come forward for fears of being prosecuted for the abandonment of the child. But according to the District  Attorney of Leigh County, the two-year statute of limitations has expired for any charges to for be filed for the abandonment of the child.

Deprill said she is not looking to replace her brothers and sisters or her adoptive parents. She says she has had the best life and a very wonderful childhood. She also said she also wished to know more about her birth mother as doctors have always questioned her about her family medical history.

Deprill adds that her story has spurred on others to seek out and look for their adoptive parents. She tells her story as a reminder that options are available. She said there is always an option not to abandon your baby. She offered that adoption is just a wonderful thing.

The Burger King baby is till searching and still hoping. As her Facebook post reads she seeks out her birth mother who gave birth to her on that fateful 15th day of September 1986.  She finally offers a plea help for help me in finding her birth mother.

By  John J. Poltonowicz


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