California Toddler Saved by Mattress in Three-Story Fall

CaliforniaAccording to fire officials, a three year old toddler was saved in a three-story fall in a suburb of Los Angeles in California by a couple moving out of their apartment, who strategically placed a box spring mattress to catch the child.

The toddler was reportedly dangling from a telephone wire outside the apartment window over the alley on Sunday.  Reportedly after about 40 seconds, the child began crying, as he realized he couldn’t get back through the window.

Konrad and Jennifer Lightner, the couple who saved the child, called emergency responders when they saw him clamber out of a window on the apartment building’s third floor.  However, the couple rescued the boy before the Burbank Fire Department responders could even arrive at the scene.

Due to the fact they were busy moving out of their apartment at the time, the couple fortunately had a box spring mattress handy when things suddenly went down.  They apparently threw the mattress down, positioning it as well as they could, just before the boy fell and hit the ground, saving his life.

Jennifer Lightner told ABC7 that it just didn’t seem real until they saw him dangling from the cord.  At that stage they both realized the child was never going to be able to get back in the window.  She said that is what prompted Konrad to try his best to save the toddler.

The couple said that it appeared to them the toddler was trying to retrieve some toys that had been thrown out of the window by another child in the same apartment.

Konrad Lightner told the California media that he just kind of grabbed the toddler as he fell and lowered him quickly to the box spring mattress, saving his life in the three-story fall. He added that he was ready for what happened, as he knew the child could not get back into the apartment through the window.  When the child fell, he simply caught him.

Royce Nix, one of the paramedics who did respond to the incident said that it was one of the most wonderful things he had ever seen.

Meanwhile Konrad Lightner explained that the whole thing was “surreal,” adding that you don’t really just carry a box spring mattress with you everywhere, and that it just kind of worked out with them being on the scene.

The unnamed boy’s father was apparently at home at the time of the incident, but was unaware of what was happening.  He thanked Lightner for saving his boy’s life once a neighbor told him what had actually happened.

Lightner simply responded that he was just happy that everything turned out so well and that he would never forget the experience.

The Burbank Fire Department of California apparently did not respond to calls from the media, but they did post photos of the couple in various media reports. Naming the couple as Konrad and Jennifer Lightner, officials confirmed that the toddler had been saved by a box spring mattress in the fall from a three-story California apartment building.

By Anne Sewell





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