Cancer Patients Find Strength Through The Benefits of Vitamin D


Cancer is possibly one of the ugliest words in the entire English vocabulary. Claiming thousands of lives per year in the U.S. and millions worldwide, it creeps in silently and most often begins to infiltrate its host often long before they have any knowledge of its presence.

For years, people have been fighting the war against cancer; and though there are fewer survivors than victims, a new study has provided a possible connection among those who have survived cancer as opposed to those who have not. Scientists have found that the presence of Vitamin D has done much to help strengthen the bodies of cancer patients, particularly those suffering from breast cancer.

When a diagnosis of cancer of any kind has been established, it is of great importance that dietary habits be examined. The immune system is at a weakened state and because of this, there must be plenty of nutritious supplementation as one fights to regain their health. A study done by researchers at the San Diego School of Medicine revealed that those patients with the highest amounts of Vitamin D in their systems had a doubled rate of survival than patients whose levels of Vitamin D were low.

The researchers examined clinical evidence across five different studies and 4,443 women. What they found , was that an element found in Vitamin D triggers and important response within the cells that cause it to release an amino acid that hinders the cells’ tendency toward aggressive division. In laymen’s terms, the presence of Vitamin D in cancer patients helps to prevent tumors from continuing to develop. This fences in the cancerous cells and blocks them from infiltration into the blood stream.

This does not mean to imply that cancer patients need to make a beeline for the grocery store to stock up on Vitamin D milk. In fact, milk and most animal products have a direct link to the cause of cancer in the first place. Nature has a variety of plant-based alternatives, which eaten in raw form greatly increases the body’s ability to fight off disease. Cooking depletes the valuable nutrients housed within these foods, so following the “whole foods, eaten whole” method is best. In other words- wash, dry, slice, and enjoy.

Realistically, there are situations in which cancer treatments and their uncomfortable side effects make it very difficult to eat at all. In cases such as these, using a food processor or juicer is greatly helpful to supply the body with important levels of many vitamins, including Vitamin D.

Because many are recognizing that the power of life and health are found through the help of key vitamins , such as the famed Vitamin D, there are a wealth of health treatment centers for those who are fighting cancer, or those who just want to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Holistic treatment centers provide extensive care through dietary education and lifestyle maintenance to help those interested.

While cancer has been a frightening reality for so many, science is working each day to gain new insights into how to fight this silent killer. Who knew that something seemingly small and insignificant as Vitamin D has great advantages for many cancer patients who try it? Here’s to hope, health, and a happy life.

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