Candace Cameron Bure Will Not Wear Skimpy Clothes on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Candace Cameron BureDancing With the Stars is back and Candace Cameron Bure has already hit the headlines stating that she will not wear skimpy clothes while taking part on the show. Her reason is very simple. She wants to be the best role model possible for her children.

Another reason is her faith. She is a devout Christian and believes that this is the thing that will get her through the show, along with the support of her family. Bure believes that she does not need to show off her legs, midriff or any other part of her body. Hopefully, her dancing skills will be good enough to get her the support from the American public.

However, that does not mean her costumes are going to be bland and boring. Her costume designer is focusing on a happy medium between modest and sexy that will help her stand out while being comfortable. As a mom with three children, she already doubts that she will be the sexiest woman on the dance floor, so needs something that works with her figure.

The only issue is when it comes to the dances that call for the sexier, shorter costumes. These include the Cha Cha, Rhumba and the Salsa. The former Full House star has explained that she will wear something that works with the dance, but allows her to remain modest at all times. Bure will not wear any skimpy clothes while on Dancing With the Stars.

The 37-year-old hopes that her decision to cut down on the flesh will help other moms and larger women find inspiration. She wants others to get out there and try something new, without worrying about the clothes that others are wearing. There is hope that by doing this she encourages moms to get out there and enjoy themselves.

Her decision to opt for modest but pretty clothes did not hinder her chances on Monday night. She came second with 25 points, only just behind Charlie White, the Olympic figure skater. The season of Dancing With the Stars is already shaping up to be an exciting and entertaining one, with some great celebrity dancers.

There have been many skimpy costumes over the year. Many of them were not even needed for the style of dance. One of the most memorable was in 2008 when Toni Braxton appeared in a pink bra and short set with embellishments and hanging jewels to cover her middle. Kym Johnson then went one step further in 2010 when she turned up in something that resembled black lingerie and an unbuttoned white shirt. Most of the skimpy costume choices would never be allowed in professional dancing tournaments.

The 37-year-old mom has decided to stick with her beliefs, and wants to do her family proud.  She has the full support from Valerie, her NHL hockey player husband, and her three children Natasha, Lev and Maksim. Her clothes will show the style of the dance, and Bure will definitely not wear skimpy outfits during her time on Dancing With the Stars.

By Alexandria Ingham


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