Cannabis Apps Budding Up Information and Fun

cannabis smartphoneWhether it is legal in their area or not, cannabis fans now have fingertip access to more information than ever before as droves of new educational and fun apps are budding up on iTunes and the Google Play Store. Providing yet more proof that pot-heads do more than sit around eating Doritos all day, a number of these new apps are impressively designed and well-researched, though a few silly bud games and pleasantly distracting apps exist in the mix as well. Everything from news and guide books to medical apps are available on the subject, creating an influx in information that can be accessed privately, without the fear of judgement or the stigma that many still fear when seeking information about marijuana.

The free app Leafy, which is available for both Android and Apple users, claims to be the world’s largest cannabis information resource. The app covers over 600 strains and provides useful information about various tinctures, topical treatments, concentrates and edibles, helping users find the medical marijuana appropriate for their symptoms. Results are can be sorted by effects, flavors, specific medical uses, or location. Leafy has grown quickly, boasting over 80,000 user-submitted reviews, and has become a reliable source to find dispensaries, recipes, and even legislation updates.

Hemp activists, medical marijuana users, and budding experts alike can stay up-to-date with the latest information on Apple’s fun Cannabis News app. From Uruguay to Canada, the app provides updates via Hemp News, Toke Signals Radio, and has a CannaMaps feature to help find dispensaries.

For those learning to grow their own a number of new apps have come out which act as a manual for at-home production. The Cannabis Pocket Reference provides in-depth info on hydroponics, nutrient needs, pest eradication, medical uses, and more. The GreenDrop app is a guide to indoor hydroponics as well as outdoor growing. Available for both Andriod and iOS, it also includes yield and dosing guides. Similarly, Cash Crop is something of a trouble shooting app for home-growing. It includes a CO2 calculator, temperature converter, air exchange calculator, and growth schedule.

cannabis appOther apps provide more in the way of entertainment value. A little informative, a little fun, Cannabis Cups is based around the legendary annual High Times festival, with a focus on award-winning strains. Aficionados can hold their own judging and share their refined tastes with friends and fellow users of the app. This app is designed for those who know the difference between Master Yoda Kush and Cordero Kush Platinum, and have something to say about it.

Gamers of all strain experience levels who are just looking for some mindless fun can get their grown on in Bud Trimmer, the game where growing is always legal. Users who have fantasized about having their own crop can now make those dreams a reality, albeit virtual, and enjoy hours of addictive bud-trimming fun in competition with their weed farming friends. A number of other fun cannabis apps are budding up with information catered to a variety of needs, including cookbook apps, strain guides, historical uses, and more.

By Mimi Mudd

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