Chipotle Guacamole RIP?

chipotle guacamole ripShould fans of Chipotle guacamole say RIP to the rich avocado delicacy? That’s the word on the street (aka internet) of late as rumors of the delicious spread’s demise light up social media and search engines like a fire burning out of control. Chipotle is trying to calm the fears running rampant online about the untimely death of its signature side dish, but foodies everywhere are still in quite a panic.

It all began with a press release that said due to global warming, the company might suspend some dishes that require raw ingredients rather than pay a higher price for those ingredients because they’re in short supply. The company blamed climate change for the shifting availability of certain foods, setting off a huge wave of anxiety so intense, the next company to announce supply problems could be the makers of Xanax.

Chipotle has now come out and said flat out there is still guacamole in all of its restaurants and that the fears online have been blown way out of proportion. It looks like no one will have to say RIP to Chipotle guacamole after all, for now at least. If the press release is correct, some are saying, it might impact the overall availability of ingredients in the future.

People have been flocking to Facebook and Twitter in droves exclaiming that the possibility of waving goodbye to their beloved mashed avocado is “a nightmare” and that they don’t know what they will do if the doomsday scenario were to come true. “Well, this is horrible news to wake up to. | Oh No No No, Chipotle May Drop Guacamole Due To Climate Change” said Twitter commenter Alyssa Vingan. Others called the news a shock and one Tweeter yelled “SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!”

While Chipotle has been desperately trying to calm everyone down, they still admit that there is a “risk” to the guacamole and other ingredients, and that all they were trying to do was be forthcoming in revealing that risk. Since public companies have to disclose risks, Chipotle was just trying to be a good and responsible corporate citizen, and not scare the entire internet practically to death. However, since the unstable weather conditions caused by global warming most likely won’t be disappearing anytime soon, it’s still concerning that a guacpocolypse could be imminent. The other ingredients that could possibly be affected by climate change include additional fresh items like tomatoes and other produce.

Some commenters are saying that while it is highly unlikely that Chipotle would force everyone to say RIP to its guacamole, the best case scenario would be that prices could possible increase drastically, which would be almost as bad as losing the gauc altogether. If prices become too high, who knows what the future could hold for the chain?

While it seem it is not quite time to say RIP to Chipotle guacamole at this time, fans of the green stuff should probably consider stocking up on it at its current prices while they can.

By: Rebecca Savastio


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