Chris Brown: Out of Rehab and Into Jail


Chris Brown’s bad behavior has gotten the volatile singer into trouble yet again, as he was thrown out of his Malibu rehab this morning and later escorted straight to jail. While details of his expulsion are still mysterious, reps for the facility have hinted that it has nothing to do with drugs or violence, which his past indiscretions have so infamously involved.  Leaving rehab violates Brown’s agreement with the judge who resided over his highly publicized domestic violence case back in 2009, when to the dismay of his adoring fans he beat up pop goddess, Rihanna.  The judge had stipulated very clearly that if his sentence was not fulfilled in an anger management facility, it would absolutely be carried out behind bars. Now after four months of living in rehab, Chris Brown is out, but unfortunately not free, as he has been thrown into jail.

While only the first 90 days of Brown’s time in the Malibu facility was meant to address his anger management skills, the judge had decided upon completion that Brown should remain where he was until his court date for his second assault offense last October.  Had he just maintained an incident free record until April 17th, when his hearing was scheduled for back in February, he would not be behind bars at present moment.

Back in October, the R&B singer and his bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy, were both charged with assault after striking a man outside of the W hotel in downtown Washington.  While his widely known previous conviction for hitting his ex-girlfriend, Rihanna, would suggest he was undoubtedly guilty, his lawyer maintains his innocence and claims his bodyguard was defending him.  Differing reports suggest different scenarios, some saying the plaintiff was trying to photograph Brown, others claiming the plaintiff tried to board Brown’s bus. Obviously, Brown will do whatever he can to avoid a second assault conviction just days after satisfying sentencing for his first. Despite how it goes, however, Chris Brown will be going to court from a jail cell instead of having just gotten out of rehab.

Since 2009, when he revealed himself the type of man to hit a woman, Chris Brown has been slowly but surely isolating himself from his once devoted ocean of fans. It came as quite a devastating shock to many when news broke of Rihanna’s banged up face as a direct result of his furious and unrestrained fists.  The silky voiced sex symbol was suddenly seen in a much more malevolent light, a shade that has since been degrading his prominent career since.  With this second assault charge, Chris Brown is facing not only more jail time, but the further decay of the public’s opinion of him. He will have much time to ponder all this from his new home too.

From the first case in 2009, to last October, to this newest development, the baby-faced R&B singer seems to have a hard time staying under the disciplinary radar.  In this newest installment of his ongoing saga with his temper, Chris Brown has somehow gotten himself kicked out of rehab, and thrown into jail. He will have a much harder time getting out of this one.

By Brandon Duringer




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