Chris Brown Sets Court Defense With Mental Stability


Chris Brown and his legal team may successfully be laying out a defense of mental instability.  Chris Brown continues to battle criminal charges concerning the 2009 Rihanna assault. He has had extreme difficulty abstaining from illegal predicaments and continues to trespass in areas of trouble. With this walk on the wild side, the young singer has secured another assault charge during his probationary period. This is a direct violation of his probation by which he was ordered to participate in both a drug rehabilitation and anger management program.

Brown is well-known for his public bouts with anger. Many have questioned the origins of this deep-rooted displeasure.  The roots of his ongoing acrimony may have been partially exposed. The rehab facility has issued a letter stating that Brown has been diagnosed with Bipolar II and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Brown’s physician will closely supervise his treatment in order to secure, maintain, and stabilize his condition. The recent diagnosis can categorize each element of Brown’s explosive erratic behavior.

Brown’s reprehensible behavior is allegedly due to his severe sleep deprivation, inappropriate self-medicating, and untreated mental health disorders. These acts alone have set a sufficient court defense utilizing the stability of his mental health.  It seems that many celebrities spiraling down an atrocious path of wildness are pegged with Bipolar.  There are actually some individuals walking this earth that just make extremely inappropriate lethal decisions.  Every single Hollywood Star that falls flaming from the skies of grace is not ill.  Bipolar is seemingly used as a tool to loosely justify actions out of the ordinary. When receiving a diagnosis there should be a confidential bond between the patient and the physician. Time and time again a health record is released magnifying personal illnesses.  Who are the culprits that are legally releasing this confidential information? Why are the personal health traumas of celebrities splatted across front covers of tabloids and national news?

With this type of guideline they will be judged for every action committed and each behavior that follows. This is exactly what continues to take place when a star steps in or out of the lime light. There behaviors can be aligned, designated, and pin pointed and placed in a designated area. Just how many of these Bipolar diagnoses are valid?  The validity is questionable when considering the state of overprescribing. Some individuals have horrible coping skills and add access chemicals to their body that are not needed. A thrill-seeking extroverted personality that is bombarded with an assortment of substances can be diabolical. Prescribed substances or illegal substances combined with a pulsating temper will not create a calming being. The access of feeling out of control tends to mask true feelings. When true feelings are unattainable amongst all the haze occupying the brain a beast is released in some individuals. Mount that specific haziness on top of worldly expectations and disaster begins to peak before imploding. Chris Brown is facing the danger of going to jail; it is cruel and inhumane to jail the mentally ill. Brown is completely aware of this and has quite the poker hand at the moment, when assessing his mental status.

Opinion By Ebony Waller


Daily Mail

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