Chris Christie’s Own Attorney Declares Vindication in Report

ReportChris Christie’s own attorney declared in a 360 page report that the New Jersey Governor was the real victim in the Bridgegate scandal. Randy Mastro, of the Gibson Dunn & Crutcher law firm, declared that Christie has been fully vindicated by the report and that Bridget Kelly was the mastermind behind all of the drama in the Christie Administrative. Mastro held a breaking news style report today broadcast in a live televised conference on all of the major news outlets in the US. The narrative of the report labels Kelly as a manipulative seductress that created the massive bridge closure because she was possibly scorned from a relationship with Bill Stepien. 

The study, commissioned by Christie himself, found that Governor Christie had “no prior knowledge” of any transgressions committed by anyone in his office. The architect of the bridge closure was Bridget Kelly and Bridget Kelly alone. With sweeping discretion in the decision and planning, her poor judgement put the New Jersey Governor’s reputation at risk and has extinguished the careers of many prominent individuals, per the hired by Christie attorney. The report came out just in time for Christie’s weekend plans in Las Vegas shmoozing high-powered Republican donors who are interviewing potential 2016 candidates for campaign funding. The report by his own attorney gives Chris Christie an opportunity to declare vindication in his arguments for financial backing in his 2016 Presidential run.

Mastro’s report also indicated Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s allegations that the Christie administration held Sandy funding hostage until she approved a multi-million dollar property deal was completely unfounded. In February Christie confirmed on Jersey 101.5 talk radio that not a single player in the scheme had any involvement in the investigation. All major players, including Zimmer, Kelly, Stepien, and Wildstein did not participate in the report and refused to offer any materials into the investigation. So the details as to how the firm came to the final conclusion without any available evidence is perplexing.

The “investigation” was financed by the New Jersey taxpayers at a cost of nearly $1 million dollars. After the report was released Christie was quick to go on national TV to voice his pleasure with the results of the report and insisted that this should close the door to any more speculation. The report gives no explanation to the reasoning behind the bridge closures nor does it confirm that the closures were anything of a criminal nature. There seemed to be no relevance into the personal destruction of Kelly’s reputation other than trying to depict possible players in any future investigations as the true villains. The report also tries to discredit Mayor Zimmer as an over exagerating, nonchalant unimportant player in New Jersey politics. Yet most reputable news sources are treating the report as uncredible and self serving.

Attempting to re-brand himself through this report, Christie appeared with Diane Sawyer to insist that his future is still bright and that citizens everywhere, including Ohio, still love and support him. However, New Jersey citizens have become more skeptical about Chris Christie’s involvement after his own attorney declared vindication in such a self serving report.

Opinion By Kimberly Beller


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