Chris Pine Beam Me Up Scotty I Lost My License

Chris Pine Beam Me Up Scotty I Lost My License

Chris Pine, the film star who is now Captain James Tiberius Kirk to a whole new generation, may need to ask Scotty to, “Beam me up I lost my license.” The Star Trek actor was in New Zealand where he had been filming Z for Zachariah with co-stars Margot Robbie and Chiwetel Ejiofor and his girlfriend, Icelandic beauty, Iris Bjork Johannesdottir when he was stopped at a regular police patrol and failed the breath test.

The 33 year-old star, who played Capt. James T. Kirk in both Star Trek films had been in a local Kiwi pub where he was celebrating in a “wrap party” with his costars and Iris. The actor enjoyed himself without going over the top according to pub staff who were catering the party.

Pine and the cast and crew from Z for Zachariah had been filming on one of the New Zealand islands and they held their end of film party at the Blue Pub in Methven. Bar staff said that the 80 members of the cast and crew were well behaved and that this was a “well-controlled” party. The participants, they said, were all friendly and not wild at all.

The festivities ended at 3 a.m. on March 1. Staff of the pub also said that Chris Pine did not appear to be intoxicated to the degree that he needed help getting home. Although the Captain Kirk actor would not have had to ask Scotty to beam him up as there were designated drivers so Pine would not have to say, “I lost my license.”

Pine was stopped as part of a normal police operation and his breath test came back with a blood alcohol level of .11 which was over the legal allowance of .08 according to New Zealand law. Chris admitted to a judge later that he’d had four vodkas over the course of the party.

The Ashburton District Court Judge Joanna Maze said that the actor would not be treated any different from “anyone else” and then gave Pine a six month driving ban and a fine of $93 New Zealand dollars. The ban applies in that country only.

Maze also said that she recognised that the actor was truly “remorseful” and she also acknowledged his work and donations for local charity CureKids. While Pine’s lawyer argued that the loss of his license for six months would harm his career, the actor did plead guilty to the drink driving charge.

The police, who stopped the star as part of a “routine early morning check” outside the Christchurch area, did not reveal that they’d stopped the Star Trek film star. Their report stated only that they had charged a 33 year-old American with driving over the legal limit.

Chris Pine was greeted by fans outside the Ashburton Court where he lost his license for six months. He stopped to sign autographs and told those who waited for him to leave the building that everything was going to be all right. Captain Kirk did not need to tell Scotty to beam him up, but Pine may consider having someone drive him home at the next wrap party he attends so he doesn’t have to say “I lost my license;” perhaps Spock would be the logical choice.

By Michael Smith




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