Climate Continues to Deviate Worldwide


Worldwide, the climate continues to deviate. For many years, due to greenhouse emissions and irresponsible contamination of the earth’s atmosphere, changes have been occurring that will certainly reap astronomical consequences if the issue continues to be swept under the rug. The debate over whether or not global warming is actually occurring does much to fuel the current problem of too many people doing nothing for lack of what some would call “substantial proof”.

However, nature has provided plenty of proof and continues to display the shocking effects of a changing climate each day. While the changes tend to occur slowly, this does not minimize their severity, nor does it warrant being ignored by skeptics and those otherwise apathetic. Some skeptics feel these changes do not occur quickly enough to cause real consequences within the current generation’s life span. In fact, the earth’s atmosphere is so delicately balanced, that it does not take a large deviation to create havoc on the environment.

It is estimated that the earth gravitates away from the sun each year by one inch. In addition to this, the planet also migrates an inch further from the moon. These statistics, though seemingly subtle, are everything but. As earth leaves the sun, even by mere inches, it is dangerously teetering on the brink of total destruction due to the loss of solar mass. There is a reason why the planet is suspended within a certain distance from the sun, due the potential for deviation to completely devastate the earth. Regardless, the sun is shrinking and shifting farther away. This is because it is losing its gravitational pull as solar winds continue to erode it.

While complete and total devastation is not going to happen anytime in the near future, the current population of earth is experiencing ecosystems which are depleting rapidly because the changing of the sun is being felt on a worldwide scale. From glacial breakdown and the degradation of polar ecosystems which aid in magnetizing the earth in its axis, to food scarcity due to droughts and greenhouse emissions devouring the protective ozone layer-the planet is in trouble and it is time to pay attention.

As the earth shifts ever slightly away from the moon, another threat is recognized. The moon has a magnetizing effect on the earth, prompting the flow of tides and regulating biological systems. Each month, women’s cycles are regulated by that same magnetic pull, as are child births. The presence of the moon with regard to earth’s distance from it also affects important pituitary functions in all humans and animals. Without the moon, many of the natural functions such as sleep regulation and growth would be impossible. Deviations in the climate as well as tiny shifts away from the moon will cause the planet earth to one day become incapable of perpetuating human life.

While there is little to be done about the shifting that is occurring, there is much that can be done to make the planet cleaner and more habitable for its citizens as well as its ecosystems. One of the many ways to do this is simply by minimizing pollution in whatever means possible. By assessing lifestyle choices and ruling out those that might create unnecessary damage and waste, the earth and everything in it will benefit. Implementing the use of natural beauty and cleaning products benefit the environment because they contain no pollution and are safe for the earth once discarded.

As climate continues to deviate worldwide, there are a variety of ways to reduce the damaging impact on the environment, the climate, the planet, and in turn, the society. It takes a willingness to look at the bigger picture, rather than what methods suit personal needs. Small changes create big aftermath. If the changes are positive ones, the earth is better for it in the end.

J.A. Johnson


New Scientist Space
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