Cocaine Condoms Sent to Vatican, Part of Plan Against Pope Francis?

Pope Francis

Ever since Pope Francis took up his position at the helm of the Catholic faith, a murmuring wave has rippled through the masses of the world’s faithful. This wave of interest has run the gauntlet from light curiosity to casual discontent and from ecstatic joy to thinly veiled hostility. The new Pope faced an upwards battle with his seemingly radical ideas about the direction the catholic church should take under his guidance. Not everyone has been on board with the new Pope’s modest attitude and his everyman public persona. Reportedly there was many a bruised ego among various papal clergy and high-ranking Cardinals in response to Pope Francis’ refusal to join in a few of the Vatican’s pageant like events. Francis’ reluctance to be drawn into the gilded circles of Vatican life have set teeth on edge and caused much consternation among the Vatican city elite. So could the cocaine laced condoms that were sent to the Vatican be part of an elaborate plan against Pope Francis?Pope Francis

It has recently come out that back in January of this year, a shipment of 14 cocaine-filled condoms were intercepted by German customs officials. The condoms, filled with a liquid variety of the drug were destined for the Vatican but with no recipient name on the package. The 340 grams were found stashed in a shipment of cushions that came from South America and were estimated to have a street value of over $55,000. That amount would most probably be considered pennies to whomever sent the drugs originally. But who in the small city of roughly 800 citizens could have been the intended recipient of the questionably packaged shipment? Whether this was just a small part of an international drug rings shipments or an element of a larger conspiracy is of great interest to many conspiracy sleuths.

Following the discovery, a sting was organized between German officials and Vatican police. To date, no one has come forward to claim the package, leaving both German and Vatican officials baffled. Allegedly. Perhaps they know more than they have chosen to divulge at this point. Maybe more will be learned as a follow-up statement is pending with supposedly more information being made available. In the meantime, the Pope’s enemies and detractors could very well be plotting their next move. Pope Francis recently blasted the Italian mafia for their wicked and bloody dealings and he has also spoken out against church corruption and scandal. It has been rumored that there is a faction within the Catholic clergy that would be most pleased to see Francis’ reign and influence come to an abrupt end. The Catholic church is no stranger to scandal and espionage so it is not too far-fetched to think that the cocaine condoms sent to the Vatican were indeed part of a larger plot against Pope Francis and his do-goodish ways.

Pope FrancisIt would be foolish to think that the Pope is untouchable. There is quite a long list of Popes throughout history who have been murdered or martyred through various means, from poisonings (which seems to be the most popular method) to strangulations. There are powerful people in high places who stand to lose a lot if “business as usual” is not carried on to their satisfaction. Francis has reportedly already stepped on a few toes and made several new enemies with his plans to overhaul certain aspects of Catholicism. He recently named several figures to head up a new Vatican anti-abuse commission. Depending on what the commission finds, it could very well spell exposure and disaster for those involved in the sex abuse scandals that have rocked the Catholic church in the last few years. Even a small discovery could lead to major revelations that would cause unprecedented chaos within the faith.Pope Francis

There is usually some truth to most conspiracy theories. Although it may at first glance seem unrealistic that this seemingly isolated incident is of no consequence to Pope Francis, there could very well be a larger plot at hand. In fact, those who are behind sinister plots very much wish to have their actions dismissed as conspiracy as it makes it easier for them to carry on with their schemes, whatever they may be. Of course the naughty package could have been meant for a Vatican postal employee or for some wily drug dealing Vatican city citizen, we may just never know for sure on this one. In any event, let history be a lesson to those who would be quick to ignore that which may seem unlikely or impossible. Something as bizarre as cocaine condoms being sent to the Vatican as part of a plan against Pope Francis is just odd enough to merit more attention. After all, stranger things have certainly been known to happen.

By Mai Nowlin




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