Colorectal Cancer May Be Prevented by Exercise

Colorectal Cancer

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month and Kentucky needs more attention than any other state in USA. The state ranked 4th in colon cancer deaths and has recorded a much higher incidence too in comparison to other states in the country. Naturally, the big question which needs to be answered is how to prevent this disease. Exercise is one of the methods which may prevent colorectal Cancer and it should be practiced by everybody.

Several research journals have already provided quite a lot of evidence that fruits and vegetables prevent this type of cancer to a great extent. Not only fresh vegetables but a proper colonoscopy should be carried out to detect early incidence of cancer. In a project called the Nurses’ Health Study, it has been found out that those women who exercised regularly had a reduced risk of colorectal cancer incidence. Persons who have been diagnosed with this disease can try exercise to reduce the risk of fatality.

To further extrapolate the findings, not only colon cancer, but even breast cancer and prostate cancer can be controlled with proper examination, good food habits, and exercise. Although colorectal cancer is quite pronounced in adults of age 50 or above, the rate at which it is affecting the younger generation is quite disturbing.

It is a general perception that this type of cancer affects older individuals, but recently, the incidence of this disease among the age group of (40-44) is cause of concern. Many Americans do not follow advice concerning the preventive measures, which has resulted in an increased incidence of the disease of 67% in the above age group.

Colon screening test is always recommended, along with a strict chart of exercise. Green vegetables, fruits like blueberries, broccoli, grown fruits, and cranberries are worth mentioning when it comes to prevention of colorectal cancer.

Exercise burns down an excess of sugar and keeps people in shape and can keep the dangerous polyps of colon under control to prevent colorectral cancer to a great extent. Detection of these polyps and Inflammatory Bowel Disease are also crucial in preemptive screening tests to identify this infection.

A recent study among 2.5 million people has revealed that diabetes increases the chance of death from colon cancer to about 30 percent. In order to stay away from diabetes, regular exercises like stretching, running, cycling, squatting, and even walking can be practiced. However, everyone should hit the gymnasium to have a customized health chart.

Even intake of Vitamin D does reduce the risk of incidence of this disease, but only by a small percentage. Whereas, a study by New England Journal of Medicine states, screening colonoscopy can cut the risk of this type of cancer by more than two-thirds of the total incidences. So the key which may prevent this deadly disease should include a lot of good food, everyday exercise, screening tests, and proper diagnosis by a good doctor.

Sometimes this disease is caused by several genetic syndromes like Lynch Syndrome and familial Polyposis. There are no specific preventive measures for a genetic disorder, but a strict and disciplined life can do magic! So get on the path of exercise which may prevent colorectal cancer.

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