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When Dallas first aired in 1978 no one could foresee how the TV series would become legendary. The phrase “Who shot J.R.” was famous as the hit series ended its season finale in 1980. With Dallas back in full swing to the excitement of all Dallas fans everywhere, the series brought back that saying again. This time the character of J.R. Ewing is gone for good with the sad passing of actor, Larry Hagman who brought the scheming character to larger than life status. The series continues to sizzle this season with the Dallas cast being as hot as ever.

From the original series almost all the characters of importance returned. Everyone, except Pamela Ewing played by Victoria Principle. Though the new series teased at the possible return of Pamela Ewing, fans hopes were quickly dashed when rumors spread that the actress would not be coming back. In past interviews readers can sense that Principle has no desire or intention of ever returning to the hit series. “Would you ever consider being in a reunion movie?” asked Sidney in NY, to which Principle replied, “No I would not.  I think some things are better left alone.” The actress continued, “There is a time and place to consider a reunion movie but twenty years later it feels pathetic.” Not words Principle fans want to hear but there they are. It seems Principle’s resolve goes deeper than any money the producers can throw at the actress. Certainly the return of Pamela Ewing would be sensational to all Dallas viewers but that is more likely to be a dream if anything else. Of course one could only hope.

Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray from the original series remains and brings an authentic feeling to the project. The young new cast, however, is what’s sizzling up the screen. Julie Gonzalo who plays Pamela Rebecca Barnes heats up the screen with Josh Henderson as John Ross Ewing. A nice touch now that after the death of Larry Hagman, Dallas still gets to hold on to character J.R. Ewing. Christopher Ewing played by Jesse Metcalfe surely has the ladies swooning in front of the television set. The hunky actor plays the good son out of the children of the original brothers, J.R. and Bobby. Another pair that is setting the screen on fire is hottie, Juan Pablo Di Pace who plays Nicolas Trevino and the new love interest of sexy actress Jordana Brewster who plays Elena Ramos. Of course no hot cast is complete without the tempting vixen Ann Ewing, played by Brenda Strong. Along with its dynamic story lines, the cast of Dallas still sizzles having girls everywhere be divided; Team John Ross VS Team Christopher.

Though it is exciting for viewers of the original series to continue to enjoy all that Dallas brings to the table, new viewers get a taste of the old with a great blend of newly developed characters and the growth of the original ones. Of course die-hard fans are still upset that Principle’s character, Pamela Ewing, doesn’t look like will be found any time soon, the sizzling cast of Dallas is hotter than ever.

Opinion by Derik L. Bradshaw


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