Daniel Noble Identified as Rambo Man Has His Attack Stopped Short

daniel noble

Daniel Noble has been identified as the Rambo man who failed in his dangerous attack on the patrons of the Europa Lounge last night in Palm Coast, Florida. He is now behind bars, and faces charges for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and attempted murder.

What started out as a typical night in the lounge turned ugly when Daniel Nobel, 37, left and returned to the bar, dressed in an attire to match Sylvester Stallone’s character in the Hollywood movie Rambo. It is reported by local police that Noble was armed with an assault rifle and two hunting knifes, which he eventually used on two of his victims, Roman Dubinsechi, 23, and Vassili Mironov, 28.

It was almost midnight on Saturday when Noble walked back into the Palm Coast lounge to confront the bar-crowd. Both Dubinsechi and Mironov, it is reported by the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office, engaged Daniel Noble. They were able to grab hold of the weapon, as a few shots were fired into the ground. Noble was wrestled to the floor, managing to use his knives to slash the two men. Mironov, treated at a local hospital, was stabbed in the face and cut on the hands; Dubinsechi was cut on the arm, denying medical treatment for his wound. Noble was treated and released, only to be booked in county jail.

This is a story of supreme bravery. Seldom are there victimless crimes, but even less common are the outspoken defensible qualities of the heroic. All too often there are reminders of the nastiness of evil. Last night, in Palm Coast, Vassili Mironov and Roman Dubinsechi probably saved a handful of people from being seriously injured and possibly even losing their lives. Without their commendable abilities to act in such a terribly traumatic and pressure-filled situation, Daniel Noble could have exhibited, in even more disgusting fashion, a bloody rampage on an unsuspecting public only trying to have a good time in a local bar. It is horrifying to note the spectrum and voluminous amount of murders, homicides, burglaries, theft, rapes and kidnappings, with which this country is enraptured on a daily basis. If we can learn from the mistakes of others, then perhaps it is even more preferable to understand why they have failed.

Noble failed in his attack on the patrons of the Europe lounge because two ordinary citizens stood up to him. They shoved the gun away from the possession of the attacker, driving him to the ground, enduring his stabs. Then, before the local police could arrive, they knocked him out cold. It must have been quite a sight to observe for the other people in the bar. However, it certainly proves that criminals and bullies do not always have to be tolerated. In fact, this is a perfect example of how and why they should be defeated. There will always be individuals that wish to disturb the peace, and there will probably be a continual pattern of shocking violence to sweep through every city, town and state. Let us realize, though, that every human being is capable of making a difference, by standing up for themselves, even if it means facing the end of a gun.

Opinion By Bryan William Myers


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