Darren Sharper Gives Up to Police in Los Angeles

Darren Sharper

Former Pro-Bowler and World Champion safety Darren Sharper has been apprehended for two rape charges. He is currently being held downtown in Los Angeles with no bail. At this current moment there is no sign of when he will be released or extradited. New Orleans obtained the warrant against Sharper, which is actually what landed him in jail currently. According to, USA Today Sports he has an additional seven charges outside of the initial charges he is currently facing. With multiple rape charges against him the media is beginning to paint the NFL star as a serial rapist.

38-year-old Darren Sharper is surprisingly being charged with rape, but he has a reputation for promoting women’s safety. It is quite the contrast and has most people baffled. He pleaded not guilty to charges brought against him in Los Angeles, and posted $1 million bail. However, after the nine infractions he is still being charged in New Orleans. It had been reported that he baits all the women that same way. They casually party together thought the night then he offers them a spiked drink. In fact, when one if his alleged victims was questioned she confirmed those assumptions. The young lady said she met him at a team event, partied with him, had a drink, and was knocked out then woke up to the assault. She coincidentally had her sexual assault exam the same day as Sharper’s breast cancer awareness event.

Sharper’s attorney’s Blair Burke and Leonard Levine insist that all the sexual encounters were consensual. Levine even went as far as to say these women just wanted to be in his presence and willingly took alcohol and drugs. Nonetheless, no one can be 100 percent sure of these series of events. But, his attorney’s are maintaining his innocence.

However, there is no one to argue the innocence of Darren Sharpers acquaintance Nunez. He was the 26-year-old athlete that was also indicted on two rape charges. Eric Nunez surrendered in New Orleans and was booked on two counts of aggravated rape on Friday. It was stated by New Orleans police that the both of them raped girls in the same apartment on September 23. If convicted Nunez has sealed his fate, and the two will share in the punishment.

The charges placed against Darren Sharper could play a big role on how he spends the remainder of his life. It had been suggested that if convicted he could go to prison for life without parole. Except, this is excluding his other additional charges. There is no telling what he could possibly be charged with, with nine total rape charges to his name.

At this time there is no further information on the details of the other offenses. The other seven rapes are still being investigated, and the charges are pending. Darren Sharper still maintains his innocence, and stands firmly by that. As of yet there has only been word from one of his victims, but more are sure to step forward.

By: Schelett Rickenbacker


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