Disney Plans Four New Sequels

DisneyDisney has announced that it plans to create four new sequels. One of those sequels is something that fans have been waiting a while for, and a second has been expected considering how successful sequels have worked out for the popular children’s production company.

The first to be announced was The Incredibles 2. Fans have waited 14 years since the first one, although it certainly does not seem that long for those who get to watch it over and over again on DVD or Blu-ray. The original made $631 million for the network, and the second will hopefully do just as well if not better.

The original storyline was set in a world where superheroes were real, but outlawed after a number of legal cases were brought against them. The story centers around a family of those superheroes, where the man of the house just wants to be able to use his super powers and save the world. He gets that opportunity when it turns out an evil villain is trying to destroy all superheroes and take over the world.

At the end of the movie, the only one in the family who seemed to be normal showed off his wide range of powers. The baby of the family, Jack Jack, showed that he could turn into a ball of fire, steel and a scary monster. It ended with the family surprised at his array of powers, and the second story will hopefully start with his parents getting used to such a powerful baby. Could the baby end up being someone who all other super villains want to steal? The script is still being written.

Disney plans to create four new sequels, and the second is going to be a new installment to Cars. The popular movie about talking cars, which saw a spin-off called Planes created, has already had one sequel created. Cars was about a racing car who found himself stuck in Radiator Springs. While there, he made new friends to get him just where he was supposed to be. It was a tale that was designed to teach children about friendships and supporting each other.

The third sequel is going to be for Planes. Disney already has the full name Planes: Fire and Rescue, but no other details have been shared yet. The first was the story of a dust cropper who had dreams of racing around the world. It’s a story that involves friendships, trust and the importance of doing something that a person believes in. The Planes sequel will be out this summer.

Finally, Finding Nemo fans will be happy to hear that a sequel about finding Dory—the fish with the short-term memory problem—is going to be created. However, fans will have to wait until 2016 for the chance to see this highly anticipated film.

Sequels have always been a good option for the popular production company. Cars 2 and Monsters University, which was technically a prequel, proved to be excellent decisions. Disney is now planning four new sequels, which will hopefully work out just as well as previous ones have done.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


The Daily Mail

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