Elderly Care Made Easier With Stairlifts

Elderly careA feeling of independence is extremely important to the elderly and as part of their care, life can be made much easier for them with the use of stairlifts.

Many elderly people live in homes with more than one story.  As the elderly become more frail, they can experience difficulty getting from one floor up or down to the next.  Often, especially in the case of those who are fiercely independent, they deplore asking their carers or family for help getting up and down the stairs.

In a situation like this, it is nowadays becoming both easier and affordable to install a stairlift which will allow the elderly person to travel both up and down the flights of stairs with ease, safety and confidence.  To us, it seems such a simple thing, but to the elderly, it is a huge part of keeping a feeling of independence.

Naturally stairways in different properties vary, with some being straight, some spiral and others curved.  Allowance can be made for all types of stairs when purchasing a stairlift for elderly care with the appropriate tracks.

Elderly Care
Stairlift for curved stairs – image courtesy Age UK Mobility

Straight stairlifts are perfect where the stairs travel in a straight line, let’s say from the entry hallway up to a landing on the second floor.  The straight stairlifts can also offer a perch set, rather than the conventional seated stairlift, should the elderly person have problems with either their hip or knee joints.  Basically stairlifts are all about elderly care and how life can be made so much easier for them.

For properties or homes with a curved or spiral staircase, stairlifts come with specially designed tracks which allow them to turn corners.  The curved stairlifts are very versatile, allowing for a wide range of configurations, and always hug the very edge of the staircase.  Another useful product  is the Handicare curved stairlift, which not only travels around corners on the stairs, but also crosses intermediate landings.  This product can also be used on spiral staircases, which are among the more tricky stairs for the elderly to navigate.

Of course, staircases are not limited to the inside of homes or other properties.  Often a home may have stairs leading up to the front door, for example.  In this case, there is a range of stairlifts which are ideal for exterior use.  These can be used on porches and terraces, for garden steps and steps entering the garage, making elderly care that much easier.

While prices are kept reasonably affordable these days, sometimes, due to financial restraints, it may be necessary to purchase a reconditioned or second-hand stairlift.  It is possible to readily buy these in both the straight and curved stairlift types together with an excellent guarantee.  While the stairlift itself may be second-hand and reconditioned, bear in mind that what is the most important part, the track it travels on, will be made brand new to suit your staircase.

The thing to remember is that whatever the situation, or type of staircase the property has, an option is available to help.  If it is not possible to purchase a suitable stairlift yourself, if living in the UK you can contact your local social services department at the council offices to find out if they can assist.  Whatever your choice, elderly care can be made easier by using stairlifts in your home or other property and will give a sense of independence to the person using them.

By Anne Sewell


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