Emilia Clarke Is Not Allowed to Eat Anything

Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke was not prepared for what it meant to be Sarah Conner. The Game Of Thrones actress has started a brand new diet in order to be properly prepare for her role as the mother to the saviour of the human race in the upcoming reboot/sequel Terminator: Genesis. Emilia Clarke revealed this week to U.K. InStyle Magazine that she is not allowed to eat anything that might taste even the slightest bit delicious during her preparation which unfortunately includes all of her favourite foods.

Clarke’s current unforgiving diet is completely void of any wheat, caffeine, sugar or dairy products as she forms herself into robot-killing shape. Along with the strict diet, Emilia has also been spending the majority of her days in combat training to even further prepare herself for the role. She told InStyle Magazine that she’s been shooting loads of guns as well as weightlifting and kickboxing. In general, the Game Of Thrones star is getting into butt-kicking shape. While Emilia Clarke may not be allowed to eat anything she likes, she added that she cannot wait to show off all her newly acquired skills.

Little to nothing is known about the fifth entry into the Terminator film franchise aside from the principal cast and crew which includes the series return for Arnold Schwarzenegger, who sat out Terminator: Salvation released in 2009. While the film has not being declared an outright reboot, Terminator: Genesis does feature several major characters from its cinematic universe aside from the reappearance of Sarah Conner, originally played by Linda Hamilton in the first two films in the saga. Zero Dark Thirty actor Jason Clarke (no relation) has been signed on to play Sarah’s son in the future, leader of the human resistance John Conner, while A Good Day To Die Hard’s Jai Courtney has been tapped to play John’s father and Sarah’s love interest from the first film, Kyle Reese, originally played by Michael Biehn. Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected to once again don the famous black sunglasses to play the robotic killing machine though as to what capacity is still largely unknown. Thor The Dark World director Alan Taylor will helm the science-fiction action film. Terminator: Genesis will be a reunion of sorts for Taylor and Clarke as they both worked together before on many episodes of Game Of Thrones. Terminator: Genesis has lingered about in development hell since Terminator: Salvation failed to reignite the series. Genesis, like the original intentions for Salvation, is also expected to be the beginning of a new trilogy in the science fiction franchise.

Emilia Clarke got her big break on Game Of Thrones where she plays Daenerys Targaryen, Queen of the Andals and owner of the only remaining dragons. Game Of Thrones is set to air the first episode of its fourth season on Sunday, April 6th on HBO. The young actress should not have to stay on her rigorous diet for much longer as filming for Terminator: Genesis is scheduled to begin in New Orleans in early April. After that, Emilia Clarke can certainly look forward to once again being allowed to eat anything her heart desires.

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