Erectile Dysfunction: Exercise Can Save the Johnson, Literally

Erectile Dysfunction

Yes, it is true. There is another way to alleviate the problem of penile impotence without having to rely on taking medication. For those suffering from erectile dysfunction, exercise and a change in lifestyle can actually save the Johnson. Literally.

New research from the University of Adelaide in Australia proved that men who experienced erectile dysfunction saw their symptoms improve drastically after exercising, improving their diet, getting more rest, losing weight, and drinking less alcohol. Risk factors for those struggling with impotence are typically physical conditions including obesity, heavy alcohol drinkers, having trouble sleeping, and age. The study, which was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, stated that 29 percent of the men who participated in the project reversed their problem just by making lifestyle changes.

Sexual dysfunction is defined as the inability to develop or sustain an erection, and is extremely vital to reproductive health. Hypertension causes thickening of the blood vessel walls, which leads to reduced blood flow to certain body parts. This can also occur in the penis and cause erectile dysfunction: being incapable of maintaining an erection while having sex. The condition may encourage men to undergo psychological troubles or sometimes having feelings of inadequacy.

According to Gary Wittert, director of the men’s health center and head of the Discipline of Medicine at the university, mentioned that sexual relations are extremely important part of a person’s wellbeing and that the inability to perform sexually is often linked to a wide array of other health problems.

Oftentimes, erectile dysfunction can be a sign of severe cardiovascular disease or other potentially fatal health concerns, so it is extremely important for men to try and improve their overall health instead of taking a “shortcut” to alleviating the issue with impotence drugs.

Researchers followed 810 men for a period of five years, collecting data for the report. The data revealed that nearly 31 percent of the participants developed some type of erectile dysfunction. But the good news is that for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, exercise and changing their daily routine for the better can save the Johnson. Literally.

A healthy diet combined with regular exercise can progress the quality of an erection by increasing the blood flow to the penis.

A large number of men naturally overcame the erectile dysfunction problems, which showed that several of the common factors affecting them are able to be modified, Wittert said. This is definitely good news for men who have tried taking medication such as Viagra Cialis, Levitra, or Staxyn without any positive results.

The bottom line is that erectile dysfunction is not a permanent disorder. Men who experience the condition may not be properly taking care of their health and because of this, are not able to perform in bed. It is suggested that males that have erectile dysfunction seriously consider an enhancement in their lifestyle in order to prevent future illnesses from taking place. Erectile Dysfunction can be treated, and exercise, diet, and modifying the lifestyle can save the Johnson. Literally.

By Amy Nelson


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