Facebook Helps Reunite ‘Burger King Baby’ With Biological Mother

Burger King Baby Facebok

Twenty-seven years ago, a woman was abandoned in a Burger King bathroom in Allentown, Pennsylvania just a few hours after she was born. The woman, Katheryn Deprill, posted a photo of herself on Facebook which, in only a few weeks, helped reunite the “Burger King Baby” with her biological mother.

Deprill posted a picture of herself holding a sign that stated she was looking for her birth mother and to help by sharing her post online. The “Burger King Baby” also listed her date of birth and the location of the fast food restaurant. Deprill stated on her Facebook page that she was not mad at her mother for the decision she had made, but that she had tons of questions she would like to ask her.

The “Burger King Baby’s” photo was shared by Facebook users more than 30,000 times across the globe, and her story even was broadcast by several media outlets. The woman who abandoned Deprill soon learned of her daughter’s search and arranged a meeting through attorney Jim Waldron.

Burger King Baby FacebookJust three weeks after Deprill’s Facebook post, the two women were happily reunited on Monday after almost three decades of waiting and wondering what became of the other. Deprill, who is currently married and a mother of three, was accompanied by her adoptive parents and her youngest son, Jackson. Waldron said that the mother and daughter immediately embraced, and that the reunion was filled with emotion, excitement, and joy. Facebook helped the “Burger King Baby” reunite with her biological mother, and the two women can finally put the past behind them and look forward to the future.

Deprill asked her biological mother for a hug and she responded by holding her arms wide open and saying “Absolutely.” The 27-year-old said that she strongly resembles her birth mother and that seeing her was “like looking in a mirror.” The “Burger King Baby” declined to identify her biological mother, stating that she wanted privacy.

Waldron stated that Deprill’s biological mother was raped while off traveling in another country and became pregnant. She was only 16. The young mother was able to hide the truth from her parents, but was aware that she would not be able to care for the baby. After giving birth to Deprill in her bedroom, the woman decided she could not take the infant to a hospital because there would be an inquiry about the child. The attorney said that she purposely left the infant in a location where the baby would be discovered, kissed the little one on the forehead and left.

After the reunion of the mother and daughter, tons of people replied on Facebook with support and encouragement for the pair. One Facebook user said that she was extremely happy for both women and that she hopes this is the beginning of an amazing relationship.

Deprill stated that her biological mother does want to be involved in her life, and that the two will meet again soon. She said that the woman showed regret for abandoning her daughter during their encounter, and Deprill forgave her “110 percent.”

Although the beginning of this story was a sad one, it looks like it will resume with a happy ending. Thanks to the help from concerned Deprill’s concerned friends on Facebook, the “Burger King Baby” was reunited with her biological mother once again.

By Amy Nelson


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