Facebook Top 10 Celebrity List 2014


There are many ways celebs can determine the size of their superstar status. They have award shows and television appearances,  musicians have the amount of record sales, and then of course there is Facebook.  One surefire way to know just how big a star’s brand has become, or the stinging truth of their worldly unpopularity, according to some, is calculated by how many “likes” one has accumulated on Facebook. The numbers of fans may reach ridiculous heights for some, and not so much for others. Here is the top ten celebrity list according to Facebook likes for 2014.

facebook#1. Rihanna tops the like list with 85,712,655 likes. Would it be safe to say that she has definitely arrived to diamond status in the world of musicians? That is nearly 1000 times the population of her hometown in Barbados.


facebook#2. Shakira comes in for a close second with 84,450,099 likes. A lot of fans are talking about this singer, and the probability of those numbers declining are “not likely” according to Facebook followers.


facebook#3. Eminem is “not to be scoffed at” with 82,995,455 fans liking his Facebook page. The rap star and multi-talented performer, the real Slim Shady, has continued to soar through the skies of success, some say rap legend KRS-1 still cries at night for not signing him.


facebook#4. Cristiano Ronaldo, the world-renowned soccer star, secures the fourth spot on the list with 74,946,838 likes. Some speculate whether many of those are beautiful women. One fan stated, “That’s a good looking dude.”

facebook#5. Michael Jackson, better known as the King of Pop, still remains to be recognized after his death as one of the kings of Facebook. MJ lives on with 70,895,720 likes on his page.



facebook#6. Vin Diesel makes spot number six with 67,928,078 thumbs up Facebook style. Fans are saying “we got your back Vin,” and apparently they do with as many “likes” as the superstar actor has received from his loyal base.



facebook#7. Katy Perry takes lucky number seven with 64,806,218 likes on her Facebook page. With a fan base like Perry, some say her recent break up with singer John Mayer should not cause her any loss of sleep.



facebook#8. Justin Bieber is still as relevant as ever “egging” the top ten list and still climbing with 63,646,078 fans liking his bad boy swag.


facebook#9. Lady Gaga has shown her “monsters” are still showing their love for the singer keeping her in the top ten with 63,438,533 likes to her Facebook page.


facebook#10. Will Smith may be last on the list, but he is certainly not the least according to the 63,055,682 likes he has earned from his faithful following.



Social media platforms such as Facebook have served as an incredible medium not only for building brands, but also a way to connect and maintain good relationships with friends and fans alike. Others forms of social media are still on the rise. Some are saying Google+ is heading towards being the biggest “all in one” social media system the world has ever seen.

It should also be noted that the statistics given here reflect the number of likes added to celebrity pages as of March 5, 2014 and are expected to rise.

Opinion By Aaron Thompson


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