FaceTime Helps Toddler Save Mom

FaceTimeThe smartphone app FaceTime has helped a toddler save the life of his mom. The two-year-old’s sisters were too afraid to use the phone because it was covered in their mother’s blood.

Laura Toone was just out for a walk with her dogs when one attacked another. The one to attack was one of the foster dogs that she had recently taken in, and it attacked one of her own pets. She stepped in to try to break up the fight, but was injured in the process. The foster dog tore part of her middle finger completely off, causing her to lose a large amount of blood.

She did attempt to call 911 from her own phone, but the blood meant she struggled to press the right buttons. Toone managed to get back home but was losing consciousness when she started losing too much blood. It left her four-year-old daughters to call for an ambulance, but they were too scared to touch the phone.

Her two-year-old son brought her a dish towel to clean the blood from the phone and himself, and was then able to use the Apple app to call one of his mom’s friends, Connie Guerrero. The app allowed Guerrero to see everything that was going on, and she could then phone for an ambulance. It was Bentley’s FaceTime moments that helped the toddler save his mom’s life. He also opened the door when the emergency services arrived.

The two-year-old was extremely lucky that somebody answered the call. He loves using his mom’s iPhone to the point where he pranks people with the app. Many of his mom’s friends have now started to ignore the calls when they come through, knowing that they are going to be the toddler messing around. Guerrero usually does the same, but she explained that something in her gut told her that this was a call she needed to answer. It was not until a few seconds into the call that she heard the screaming and realized the dire situation that her friend was in.

FaceTime is a popular video calling app available only for Apple products. It allows people to call each other for free over their internet connection, and works very similarly to Skype. It can call iPhones, iPods and iPads as long as both users have the app and accounts set up. It can be set up to call through touching the app or through the use of Siri to call someone in the phone’s contact list. This made it extremely easy for Bentley to come to his mom’s aid.

The benefit for the toddler was that he never had to say a word. He could turn the phone so his mom would be on the screen. That allowed Guerrero to see the situation quickly, hang up and call for the emergency services.

There is no update as to how the dogs are doing and what has happened to the foster dog. However, Toone has learned her lesson and has now taught all her children how to phone for the emergencies services. Next time, it will hopefully not be up to the toddler to use FaceTime to help save his mom’s life.

By Alexandria Ingham



Fox News


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