Facial Hair Transplants New Option for Beard Envy

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A facial hair transplant procedure is a new option for envious men who are unable to grow a complete beard. The surgery for a beard transplant takes a full day to complete and can cost up to several thousand dollars. This medical procedure is consistently growing in popularity, because of beards and facial hair becoming a popular trend in American culture.

The surgery for a facial hair transplant is a “relatively safe” procedure that is quite expensive. Men are spending about “as much as $7,000 to pump their beards” for this modern medical method. Different options for these transplants are available for patients with different amounts of facial hair. They can be as simple as a procedure of “filling in a few gaps,” or they can be as major as a “complete beard construction.” Many prior patients tended to have some facial hair, but they choose to receive the procedure that provided them with a complete beard.

This new option of offering facial hair transplants to beard-envious men is not simple process, however, and one doctor referred to the procedure as being “very meticulous.” Complete hair strands from a patient’s “bottom of the back of the head” are removed, as they are then used as the new facial hairs. Tiny holes are then made into a patient’s face with the use of a 0.8-mm blade, and the hairs are then precisely placed into the small incisions.

The angle at which the hairs are placed into the holes causes the most trouble for doctors, because they strive to provide a “natural” look to match the contours of a patient’s face. Once complete, some patients have commonly experienced “some temporary redness and itching to the area.” The new facial hairs that were transplanted will act like naturally growing facial hairs that will need to be trimmed like a normal beard.

Facial hair has become a major trend in recent times in American culture. Beards have been sported by “A-list” celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, and George Clooney. Also, beards have become a major part of hipster culture for American males. News of facial hair transplants has even recently been featured on Howard Stern’s radio program, in which a prominent hair loss doctor discussed the increasingly popular procedure.

The primary demographic of men who receive the facial hair transplants are in their 20’s and 30’s, who are “bohemian, artists, musicians.” But men “of all walks of life” have had the surgery to give themselves that “scruffy” look. Some men are choosing to have this procedure done because they want to have the “popular” look, and some have the surgery because they always wanted a full beard.

With this new option now available for men who are envious of the ability to fully grow a beard, facial hair transplants are quickly becoming a popular medical enhancement. Currently, only a limited number of medical offices offer this procedure for men, but the growing demand may sprout some more up soon. Men who have been faced with disappointment, because their facial hair was too bare to their liking, now have a choice of altering their natural looks to their preference.

By Glen Parris



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