Flex Lewis Wins 2014 212 Championship [Video]

Flex Lewis Wins 2014 212 ChampionshipFlex Lewis wins the 2014 212 championship and is strutting his stuff in victory and humility. Also known as The Welsh Dragon, James Flex Lewis recently won the round of the 212 competition at The Arnold Classic, just a few weeks ago. The dedicated bodybuilder, age 31, has worked hard for this achievement and has earned every penny in his pocket. Going on to greater things, the confident master of muscles is not stopping anytime soon. After years of bodybuilding up to the point of competition, Flex Lewis continues to keep his options open.

Growing up in Wales, the young man secretly trained in his bedroom when his parents were away from the home. Finding weights in the family shed, he quietly gained new strength through repetitious workouts with next to nothing equipment before joining a gym a few years later. Always an avid rugby player, Lewis was nicknamed Flex early on from his ability to get out of tackles in a most flexible way. The name and the dream to achieve stuck firm in his future endeavors as the bodybuilder’s mind grew as fast as his ambitions. He quickly went on to even greater things.

After reading a book by Tom Platz and admiring Arnold Schwarzenegger in many films, Lewis was inspired to go for it all. He especially enjoyed the new strength in his legs and the bigger body he was forming through lifting weights and eating right. He was starting to be recognized and was encouraged along the way, which fed into his desire to go the extra mile.

Lewis is first to pay homage to his mentors in his journey, from Wales to Venice to the US. A joint effort of brotherhood was fondly developed in his early years with fellow bodybuilders and continues to this day. Urging him on in his younger years, Steve Naylor thought he was ripe for competitions. Lewis became unstoppable once he realized his goal and followed the proven techniques of the masters.

Flex Lewis Wins 2014 212 ChampionshipThe plan of IFBB geniuses was at hand and Lewis was onboard with all of the requirements. The IFBB, International Federation of Body Builders was a godsend in his mind as the simple rules of working out twice a day and following a  strict diet became his natural path. The Y3T method embraced by Neil Hill was easily adapted as Lewis went on to win Junior Mr. Wales and only a year later, Junior Mr. Britain. The hopes and dreams were endless at that point as Lewis stayed the course with passion and a strong work ethic. Ed Connors invited the budding bodybuilder to the US, knowing full well he would one day become an American pro.

Feasting on limited red meat meals, the athlete transformed his body into a mean machine of power and strength. Opting for chicken breasts, salmon, natural oils from avocados and walnuts, Lewis evolved into a tight and toned work of art. He posed along the way for Flex Magazine, met many comrades in the business such as the late Joe Weider and eventually found himself on stage at The Arnold Classic.


Flex Lewis Wins 2014 212 ChampionshipThe Arnold Classic has been hosted by film star, former Mr. Olympia and Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger, since 1989. Drawing fans and competitors from around the world, the event held in Columbus, Ohio each year is one not to be missed. Also displaying the best in fitness and figure, strongmen and women vie in feats of accomplished skill and fortitude.

Schwarzenegger, from Austria, won the title of Mr. Olympia seven times. From 1970 to 1975, he held the crown and Flex Lewis Wins 2014 212 Championshipsurprised many in 1980 with another victory as almost as a guest appearance. Commentating on the event, he was prepared to compete and entered once again. Winning, the victor went on to pursue more films in Hollywood and the rest is history, as they say.

Weighing in at 192 pounds, the five foot five inch Lewis is fit, spray-tanned and in fine form, as he poses and flexes his muscular physique. The Welsh Dragon rose above the hoopla to concentrate his efforts in showing his honed in work and promotion of the sport.

Winning the The Arnold Classic just opens more doors for Lewis as he rises above the recognition and reverberating cheers from the crowd. His winnings from the event are still undisclosed, but his resolve to go on and achieve more in the world of bodybuilding will prove a resounding attitude of aspiration and promise to others. Favorite quotes by Lewis continue to inspire many young people to achieve their dreams as he humbly basks in his glory and inspires more to follow.

Believe to Achieve


Leave no Stone Unturned

James ‘ Flex’ Lewis


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