Floyd Mayweather and Marcos Maidana

Floyd Mayweather

All boxing fans have their favorite boxers and no matter if this man is one of them, they are still in attendance to see him fight. Floyd Mayweather is considered among boxing analyst to be one of the greatest boxers of our time. He is currently undefeated, and still running things in the world of boxing. In fact, he has just chosen his next opponent for a May 3 bout. Floyd Mayweather is set to fight Mr. KO Marcos Maidana. According to Mayweather, when a boxer earns their stripes they choose their opponent. He made this choice very precisely. The undefeated boxer has the necessary boxing IQ to decide which fighter would be equally yoked. Two competitive fighters with the same skill set make for a great pay-per-view match.

Mayweather is currently (45 – 0), and has solicited this fight simply to see if Maidana can do what 45 others could not. This precision fighter has a reputation of being a big talker, but that is okay cause he can back it up. However, he admits in Saturday’s press conference that in this particular match he feels his 45 wins could be compromised. Mayweather as many others believe after watching Maidana in action that it will be a boxing exhibition. Mayweather was also reported as saying Maidana is tailored for war. That would be a correct assessment for Maidana since 31 out of his 35 wins were knockouts.

Marcos Maidana is a highly celebrated boxer in his own right with a (35 – 3) record. That is partially why Mayweather chose him for the match. One of the other reasons he got this challenge was because of his last four fights. According to, Mayweather Maidana had three knockouts and two knockdowns in a decision against Adrian Broner. He also clarified why Maidana was the better choice over Amir Khan. The explanation was simple Kahn lost two out of his last four fights. No matter the reason Maidana will be prepared for May 3. He is currently training under Robert Garcia in Oxnard.

The fight between Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Marcos “Knockout King” Maidana is bound to bring in massive pay-per-viewers. Tickets for the fight have already gone on sale, and have sold a total of 14, 700 and counting currently. Ticket sales are expected bring in anywhere from 12 million to 15 million dollars. However, this massive response is noting new to Mayweather at all, he was quoted as calling pay-per-view may-per-view. That is just his way of reminding fans and naysayers how much he has bought to the game of boxing. He also exclaimed that people are not forced to watch they choose to.

Though, the fight is in May everyone still has his or her predictions. Leonard Ellerbe has made his firm predictions and thinks Maidana will be a handful for Mayweather if he is not at his best. He also added that since it is well known that Maidana relies on power punching Mayweather might mix it up.

Jones an onlooker at the gym in Vegas also feels this fight will interesting. However, he has taken the side of Mayweather saying Maidana will not find him and could lose to a KO. He came to that conclusion after watching Mayweather train for the fight

Marcos Maidana also had words to say about his upcoming fight, and they were really cocky. Maidana said that he would have no problem handing Mayweather his first loss. His overwhelming confidence comes from the fact that he has taken down a defensive fighter prior to this match.

Mayweather is usually the cocky one, and did not disappoint at the press conference. He referred to himself as Benjamin Button, and talked about his sixth sense of knowing how to burn fighters. He reminded everyone that, that kind of insight comes from experience.

That is big talk by both opponents and like the saying goes “talk is cheap.” All words will be put to rest when Mayweather and Maidana step in the ring.

Commentary By: Schelett Rickenbacker

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