‘Game of Thrones’ Beyond the Sea Catchup

Game of ThronesWith so much going on, doing a catchup on Game of Thrones means splitting it up in parts and this one is for the land beyond the sea. It involves the dragons, along with Daenerys Targaryen and her attempt to take the throne of Westeros back.

All Dany, also known as “the mother of dragons,” wants is her throne back. She is the last of her family now, and may be getting a little too deep into her journey across the Far East. In season three, she has managed to free slaves from two different cities and stated very clearly to her advisor, Jorah, that they can either live with her in the new world she is creating or die in the one that they have left.

After hatching the dragon eggs in season 2, Dany has focused on using them for her power. They have been small enough to control, but it does not look like it is going to remain like that for much longer. The dragons are getting much bigger, and season four trailers hint that it will be the season that “the mother of dragons” realizes that her babies are ready to fly the nest.

When it comes to making decisions, Daenerys has Jorah Mormont to help her make decisions, but she seems to be opting for her own choices more and more. All Jorah wants is to see her on the throne of Westeros, but she is content on freeing slaves from various cities in the Far East.

Another man who has joined them and deserves a mention in this Game of Thrones beyond the sea catchup is Barristan Selmy. This man was pretty much fired from King’s Landing’s guards and has now joined Deanerys across the sea. He was initially accepted with apprehension, but he knows just how crazy King Joffrey is and wants to see “the mother of dragons” back on the throne. He and Jorah have very different views on the way Dany should handle things, but he is as supportive as possible.

There were a few new characters added into last season, and Daario Naharis is one of them. The actor playing the character has changed this season, but that does not mean the storyline has. Last season, Daario killed his two captains because they wanted him to kill “the mother of dragons.” He seems to have a soft spot for the Game of Thrones character and helped her liberate the city of Yunkai. Very little else is known about him at the moment, so it is unclear which side he is really fighting on and just whether he will help the Tagaryen princess get her throne back.

Finally, there are all the free slaves. Some of those include the Unsullied, who have been through a considerable amount to join that army. Daenerys hated the way they were treated and told them that they were free men. All decided to stand by her and help, but will they be able to accept that she will not rule them in the same way?

The show returns on April 6. With the catchup of beyond the seas, hopefully many will now be ready for Game of Thrones season four.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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