Girlfriend of Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight Passenger Sends Love Notes

malaysia airlinesThe girlfriend of an American passenger aboard missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is sending love notes to him online. Sarah Bajc had been dating Philip Wood, 50, for two years before the airplane disappeared March 8. The families of the passengers have been frustrated by what they say they see as a plodding and secretive investigation by the Malaysian government into the whereabouts of the missing plane.

Bajc has been writing love notes to Wood on her own Facebook page, telling him how much she loves him and hopes for his safe return home. The notes are heartbreaking in their earnestness. She has told the media she thinks Wood has been alive since he disappeared. Wood’s family created a Finding Philip Wood Facebook page dedicated to the search for all 239 passengers aboard the Malaysia Airlines flight. Bajc also posts news updates about the missing flight and ongoing investigation.

Bajc works as a business teacher in Beijing. Wood, an IBM executive, was on his way to meet her there to help her move to Kuala Lumpur, where they were going to build a life together.

One note to Wood says,

“Good morning baby, how are you holding up? I’m doing my best to bring you hope and courage to continue the fight. So many people have joined in … it has become a prayer storm. Can you feel my love coming through to you? It is bottomless, so it should be able to reach, no matter where you are.”

Bajc says she calls Wood her partner in life, “a permanent part of me.” Along with the other anguished families, she is also frustrated by the investigation, calling it “dysfunctional.”

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 investigation

The Malaysian government has asked the United States to help by using their undersea surveillance equipment to find the missing plane. The U.S. government has thus far spent about $2.5 million assisting Malaysia in its search efforts, and has set aside another $1.5 million to aid the beleaguered country.

Australia has also joined in the search effort, conducting their search of the shores off the Australian coast. What appeared to be a pallet in the southern part of the Indian Ocean was reported by French officials via satellite data, but they did not explain further about this, and were unable to take photos. Australians searched for a pallet in the Indian Ocean, but did not find anything. Nonetheless, they will not give up on the search.

Royal Australian Air Force Lt. Russell Adams reportedly said Sunday’s search was difficult because of heavy clouds that reached the surface of the Indian Ocean. Australians may not have found anything, but “we might do 10 sorties and find nothing, but on that 11th flight when you find something and you know that you’re actually contributing to some answers for somebody,” Adams says.

Malaysian officials are speaking with international press anonymously. One such official says the wooden pallet that was seen by French officials could be part of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, as there are wooden pallets aboard the flight. How many pallets there are, however, was not reported.

The only certain piece of information the Malaysian government has shared with the press is that Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 purposely turned back toward Kuala Lumpur, and communications systems were disabled. Theories continue to flourish on what could have happened to the flight heading to Beijing. In the meantime, Wood’s girlfriend will continue to send him love notes.

By Juana Poareo


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