Google Drive Cuts Its Prices Making Cloud Storage More Affordable

Google DriveGoogle Drive has just made cloud storage more affordable for all after deciding to cut its prices. 100GB of storage has gone from $4.99 per month to just $1.99 per month, giving people more of a reason to upgrade from its free package.

The limit on the free storage has not changed, and will remain at 15GB for the foreseeable future. For those who want a whole terabyte of data, the cost of that has seen the biggest drop going from almost $50 per month to now less than $10 per month. There are even new plans offering as much as 10TB of storage for those who really need it. Those likely to need that amount are probably web developers, multinational business owners and video game developers, but at least the option is there.

Those who currently need to pay for their online storage through Google Drive will automatically receive the price drops. There is no need to leave and sign back up again, or be stuck on the high-priced plans.

It seems that Google could now be the option for those looking into cloud storage. The tech giant’s main rival, Dropbox, offers just 2GB of free storage as a starting point. From there, customers pay $9.99 per month for up to 100GB of storage, or $15 per month for those who need to create business accounts. Google Drive already offered the same space for less but has now created a price war by cutting its prices to make cloud storage more affordable.

The one thing that Dropbox offers that Google does not is the ability to gain more free space. It is possible to invite up to 32 users and gain an extra 500MB for each one. Sharing Dropbox on social media and following the company on Twitter also allows users to gain more free space.

It is very likely that Dropbox will follow suit eventually. However, it is currently the number one site for cloud storage, despite always having higher prices than Google’s own option. Microsoft is also in the middle of the price war, with its offering of $25 for the year for 50GB of storage. That works out at just over $2 per month, but it is still more than Google Drive’s recent move.

There are other reasons for consumers to opt for Google, especially if they have a range of products and services from the tech giant. Drive works with Gmail, Google Plus and many other services. It also works on all Android run products, as well as through web systems.

Many people question how Google is managing to cut so many of its prices, and by the amount. The main benefit is Google advertisements. This is where the majority of the profit comes from. The company also sees the benefit of cutting the prices to get more people to sign up. It also puts pressure on its competitors to lower their prices, which could put them out of business. However, there are always risks but Google Drive is willing to take them by cutting its prices to make cloud storage more affordable for all.

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