Google Glass Hears Footsteps

Google Glass

Google Glass has only been on the market for a few months, but might already be hearing the footsteps of a replacement. Though a computer that uses the eyes as a way of freeing up users and allowing them unprecedented navigating abilities is a huge step forward in computing technology, a new Japanese device may make it second best in the hands free market.

The new device is currently known as the “Earclip-type Wearable PC.” Though it does not offer the visual component that Google Glass does, it is still considered to be a viable hands free computing option. The device fits in your ear similar to a Bluetooth. It is controlled by the user’s facial movements. A click of the tongue, a bite of the teeth, or a raise of the eyebrow will communicate to the device the user’s desire. The technology is fitted to recognize these movements within the ear itself, enabling users to seamlessly navigate the device without hindering vision or movement.

The device itself weighs a mere 17 grams. It is currently equipped with a speaker, microphone, GPS, a gyro sensor, a compass, and a battery barometer. It also comes with a microchip and some data storage, which will allow users to load and use software. This new device is meant to be worn as an accessory, and by connecting it to a smartphone it can enhance a user’s experience in several different ways. A star-gazer will be able to look at the night sky and have the device identify what stars and constellations are in view. This helps outdoorsmen with navigating through unknown territory with minimal light and sight. In addition, those who are looking at a beautiful view can share the experience with others and receive feedback from them about what they are experiencing too.

Google Glass is not simply hearing footsteps because of the entertainment value of the new computer design. It must also compete with the health benefits that the Earclip-type Wearable PC has to offer. The earclip can function as a hearing aid. In addition, it will monitor the user’s pulse and body temperature, logging how often someone may sneeze or cough as well. This can help to prevent a serious illness as users will be made aware that perhaps their body is beginning to suffer from an infection.

In addition to the user being aware of their health status, this equipment can also notify others of an impending problem. This enables care givers of the elderly to more closely monitor their patients and the level of health they are currently experiencing. By doing this remotely, a caregiver can be several miles away and still monitor how their patient is faring without having to closely watch them at all times.

The new Earclip-type Wearable PC is only in the test phase at the moment. However, the creators of this unique and cutting edge design hope to have the kinks worked out so that they may make the device available in 2015. For now, Google Glass remains at the forefront of this hands free technology, but the replacement to that technology can be heard just a few footsteps away.

By Chris Chisam

Mercury News
Hindustan Times

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